Secondly, you need to be clear about where you’re heading and have your plans chalked well, or else your road trip can turn into a nightmare in no time. 
And even if you have the spare wheel along with you, spare wheels in most cars are smaller than the regular wheels and have speed restrictions. So, even if you put on the spare wheel, you’ll have to limp up or down to find a puncture repair shop. Instead, carrying a puncture repair kit along would just come in handy in such a situation.
Check if your route has any campgrounds and check their availability. Spending a night at a truck pull-off is not a very good idea. So ensure that you’ve night stay planned well; that will only help you in being less fatigued during the journey.
And finally, in case of any unforeseen breakdowns or mishaps, you should be equipped to fix your car on your own. Carrying essentials like puncture kits and jumper cables is important and these items will take care that you have a memorable road trip.

  1. Get yourself a reliable and comfortable car

Flat tires play the biggest spoilsport in any road trip. Imagine you’re driving up the hill, with all your friends enjoying in the car and suddenly there’s a flat tire. What a mess! Where will you find a puncture repair shop to get your tire fixed? 
These are the 10 things that we think could help make your road trip memorable. First up, it is important that your car is in good shape and is reliable enough for doing long runs. 

  1. Get your car serviced before you head out

If you’re planning a road trip any time soon, you’re just at the right place.
Also carry water bottles along with you, plenty of them, and ensure that you stay hydrated all throughout the trip.
There are very few chances that you’ll find a good restaurant or eatery while you’re out on the road and hence it is always advisable to carry your own food and drinks. It will also just help you save money and you will not have to drive with a growling stomach. 

  1. Chalk out your route beforehand

A road trip is a great way to escape the everyday hustle and bustle. Pack your stuff, get your family and friends and just hit the road and get going where the road takes you. Road trips are exciting and fun and you end up making memories for a lifetime. 

  1. Plan where you’re going to spend your nights.

While there are plenty of comfortable cars like the 2021 Hyundai Tucson, shortlisting for finding that perfect car for a road trip is easier said than done.
There are quite some areas and places that still do not have good internet connectivity. If you’re using Google Maps or Safari for navigation, chances are that you might lose out on internet connection and these maps may not function well. 

  1. Do not rely on digital maps

Your car is certainly going to get dirty while you’re on a trip. The open windows bring dust particles into the car and while people jump in and out of the car, their dirty shoes are going to spoil the floor. 
A dashcam would just help you record your entire drive from the driver’s POV. A dashcam could just document the entire epic journey and maybe that could also just make for a very beautiful Instagram video. Moreover, from the safety perspective, the dashcam recording would help you provide a piece of video evidence in case there is any mishap on the road and it will protect you against any false allegations.

  1. Carry a good amount of food and drinks.

Also, check the fluid levels of the car. Your car has different fluids that play a very important role in the smooth operation of the car. Engine oil, transmission fluid, radiator fluid, brake fluid, windshield fluid, and power steering fluid are all very essential for the proper functioning of the vehicle and their levels need to be checked and maintained and so top them up before you get going.
In case your car’s battery dies on its way, jumper cables would help you to get the electric boost to get your car started back. Carrying jumper cables on any road trip is highly recommended. Carrying a pair of these would just help you out or maybe you could help somebody who’s stuck on the way due to a dead battery.

  1. Mount a good quality dashcam

Hence, carrying paper maps might just come in handy and we would recommend you to carry those paper maps along with you that are just more reliable than the digital maps.

  1. Carry a car vacuum cleaner

Moreover, on a long road trip, you will have food inside, and there indeed are going to be food crumbs all over the car. A car vacuum cleaner would just come in handy in keeping the interior of the car clean and tidy and keeping your new car new. You can plug it in the 12 V charger socket and tidy up the car effortlessly.
Before you set out on a road, make sure you have your route planned. It will just help you to reach all the spots that you plan to visit on your trip in time and also prevent you from getting lost. Moreover, you’ll not end up wasting time in rerouting or searching for a different road.

  1. Carry a puncture repair kit and a portable air pump

Then comes carrying the right utilities that you would need on the trip. Food, drinks and maybe an extra set of clothes come in handy on such trips and you should certainly carry them along with you. 
Driving and sitting in a car for a long time can often be tiring and fatiguing. So, it’s always good to have a car that has comfortable seats and offers a good driving posture. Moreover, it is also important that you take along a reliable car because you don’t want your car to break down in the middle of the road. 

  1. Do not forget to carry a pair of jumper cables

No matter how reliable your car’s brand is, it needs to be serviced and checked from time to time. So before you set out, get your car serviced from an authorized service center and make all the replacements and repairs suggested by the service engineer. 
There are plenty of cars, ranging from a spacious sedan, to a capable crossover, that are quite comfortable for long drives and have proven to be rugged and reliable machines. The Tucson and the Sequoia are large vehicles and you can load in a lot of stuff in them. So, cars like these are the right kind of cars when you head out on a road trip.
After you’re done with mapping your route, also think about where you’re going to spend your nights. Driving all night is not advisable and you need a good night’s sleep while you’re on a road trip. 
Make sure all the lamps and bulbs are functioning properly. We would recommend you to carry spare bulbs along with you and in case if a bulb goes out, you can replace it on your own. Also, check the condition of your tires before you start. If you notice even minor bald spots on them, get a new set for the trip and you can use the old ones once you get back. 
However, if you do not head out on the roads with the right equipment, the road trip can end up being memorable for the wrong reasons. Someone had correctly put it, that it’s not the destination that matters, but the journey. A road trip can be completed in a 2021 Toyota Sequoia as well, making it memorable is all that matters the most! That’s why we’ve compiled this article to guide you on how to make your road trip memorable and to help you with packing the right goodies while you set out on a road trip. 

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