Don’t miss the piñatas hanging throughout the city, which add cheer and color everywhere you look.
Further in, you will find a restaurant called Rolf’s that is highly devoted to the holiday season, with Christmas songs playing on a loop and wall-to-wall decorations. The Dyker Heights neighborhood comes alive in December, as well, with each home attempting to beat its neighbors with extravagant light displays.
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Ski season will soon start in Lake Tahoe this December. Even though the best time to ski is after the new year, there is undoubtedly no reason you can’t visit this destination in December.

Lake Tahoe, California

By early December, most destinations are in holiday mode. However, hotel and flight rates tend to be more affordable than later in the month. Plus, there are a lot of places that cling entirely to the magic of the season. But remember to do your research before boarding on a trip since travel requirements and restrictions continue to change due to new developments with the pandemic.
Make sure to visit the Christmas markets in Bryant Park and Union Square Park, and don’t miss the world-renowned Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. Additionally, see the iconic Christmas Spectacular show for an unforgettable night in New York City.
What’s more, Kennebunkport features trails for winter sports fans who like to cross-country ski or snowshoe. Since the town is practically small, most of the accommodations are inns and small hotels.

New York, New York

However, the Southwest destination comes alive with celebrations and festive decorations prior to the holiday season. Moreover, the city has a deep Catholic history that radiates through many holiday festivities, such as the Las Posadas procession and the Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi midnight mass.
December is always an excellent time to travel and go for an adventure. It is the best time to reunite and celebrate with family and friends. Although planning a trip in December can be challenging and overwhelming alongside year-end festivities and holiday shopping, it’s worth it to see the festivities in various places. Whether you are looking for a snow-covered town or warm-weather hideaway, there is a destination for you.
As December arrives, Kennebunkport is taken over by holiday cheer. The most famous attraction here in December is the Christmas Prelude. It is an eleven-day event that features caroling, a hat parade, tree lightings, and more.
Check out the charming capital of New Mexico if you are looking for a destination with an abundance of holiday cheer but slightly off the beaten path. When thinking about December travel, Santa Fe might not be the first place you can think of.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

But before you purchase an airline ticket, make sure to find flights and hotels via booking sites with a system that scans flights for the most affordable deals.
December is the most magical time of the year, from the cold yet exciting weather to the holiday madness. Cities worldwide radiate with festive lights, marking the arrival of the winter holidays.
In addition, even though there is no snow in this city does not mean it lacks the festivities and holiday cheer. The holiday season is quintessential in Mexico. Particularly, in the resort town, you can participate in many different celebrations, such as the reenactment of the birth of Jesus Christ and posadas.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Towns surrounding Lake Tahoe turn into beautiful wonderlands with sparkling, bright lights, giving emphasis to the snow sitting gorgeously on trees and rooftops. The good news is that there are many places to stay in the area, with cozy and comfortable rooms.
Not everyone loves the snow. The good news is that there are many warm-weather destinations to visit in December. One of them is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This place has warm sunshine and weather practically all year.
As a matter of fact, the month of December provides the best weather you will experience all year on Mexico’s west coast. The threat of rain and humidity is very low, leaving you with agreeable temperatures and beautiful days of sunshine.
And don’t miss out on the Nutcracker performance showcased by the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. Also, you can take your entire family to see the Christmas at the Palace Festival.

Kennebunkport, Maine

For an enchanting and lovely December getaway, visit Kennebunkport in Maine. While the town is popularly known as the best summer getaway, it shouldn’t be left out as a winter destination.
Because New York is one of the biggest cities in the world, there are many places to stay here. Opt for a place that’s near to the holiday action to avoid any hassle with commuting.
From the city’s festive displays in department store windows to the beaming Christmas trees, there’s no better place to visit in December than New York City. For both tourists and locals alike, there are a lot of activities to do in the Big Apple.

Make Holiday Travels Memorable

So without further ado, below are five destinations to visit in December.

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