Outside Gulf Youth Barber Shop in Muscat, Oman

It was such a relaxing process. Then, he wiped my face and then started on the head and neck massage. He even massaged my eyebrows, temples, and forehead. It felt so good! I could feel all the tension melting away!

What an amazing Pakistani haircut experience! Now I was ready to go out and eat!

Gulf Youth Barber Shop

Outside Gulf Youth Barber Shop in Muscat, Oman
I wanted to get a full shave and then let my beard grow over the next 10 days. I love shaving my head every day, but I let it grow just for this. While he shaved my head, I had some karak, or sweet milk tea. They added saffron to it!

Enjoying a Pakistani haircut experience in Muscat, Oman
He gave me a super close shave on my head and then started on my beard. I looked like a different person! Then, he added some gel to my face to get a closer shave.
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Omani Haircut Experience

Enjoying a Pakistani haircut experience in Muscat, Oman
Where have you been?

Oman is located on the eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula and is the oldest continuously inhabited independent state in the Arab world. That means there’s tons of history there, and they have a rich cultural and culinary heritage as well. But first, I needed to get pampered to kick off my adventures the right way!
Finally, he gave my head and face a quick wash! I felt so refreshed by the end of it! I looked 5 years younger by the end of it. It only cost 3 Rials (OMR), or roughly USD. He actually gave me a bit of a discount!
In February of 2022, I set off to my 86th country, Oman! My time there truly changed my life and perspective on the world and I can’t wait to share my experiences there with you. Come with me on my first Omani adventure as I enjoy a Pakistani haircut experience in Muscat, Oman!
My friend and guide Ahmed from Official Oman Travels took me to Gulf Youth Barber Shop. My barber was from the city of Lahore in Pakistan!
The I loved the rhythmic pounding was amazing, and then, he got my shoulders, arms, back, and even my hands and fingers!
Oman has significant Persian, Indian, and Pakistani communities, and I’d be starting off with a Pakistani haircut.

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