SHOP LINK: @mana.philippines
PRICE: Starts at Php 4,600
LINK: @officialtalabykyla
PRICE: Starts at Php 100
Further share the gift of green this Christmas with a Qubo gardening gift box! You can choose between their 3 best selling sets: the Green Thumb Set, the Urban Farmer Set and the Tea Time Set. For more details, check out their website.
This passive bamboo amplifier is made by Filipino craftsmen in Cebu and it also comes in different colors. As the name implies above, this makes a great conversation price if not a quirky add-on for anyone who is into music!
Got a loved one in your life who’s into cooking healthy food? Or a fitness buff who’s into keto? Then gift them a CSA Farmshare from Good Food Co.! It’s an amazing subscription box service of organic produce (that comes in a beautiful tampipi box) and every purchase even ensures an income for smallholder farmers under their wing.

LINK: @boozyph
PRICE: Starts at Php 500

Accessories & Beauty

Filigree Tambourine Jewelry Gift

LINK: Clarisse Provido
PRICE: Starts at Php 2,000
LINK: @pointylittlethings
PRICE: Starts at Php  100

Official Tala by Kayla Jewelry

Bags always top the list as one of the most common holiday gifts that you can give to your family or friends this holiday season. Check out these beautifully woven bags that are ‘wearable art’ as made by Clarisse Provido from her ‘The Cling Bag Collection’.
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Philippine Pearls

Table of Contents
LINK: @nanayluisas
PRICE: Starts at Php 160

Cambio & Co. Accessories + Gift Items

LINK: @bayanibrew
PRICE: Starts at Php 300
LINK: @baoartisancandles
PRICE: Starts at Php 550

Wanderskye Face Mask Cases

PRICE: Starts at Php 600
Face masks and shields are now a necessity given the new normal — so, it’s surely one of the best Christmas gift ideas for this holiday season. This case basically provides functional storage to protect your mask from bacteria present on any surfaces you put them on. Wanderskye also has other items that you can bundle up and put in their special holiday gift box!

Nino Franco Face Mask

• • •
PRICE: Starts at Php 300

Woven Bags by Clarisse

Make a journal junkie happy this year with a good quality planner where they can write their ideas and organize their schedules! There are tons of planner and journal options to choose from such as those from Starbucks and Coffee Bean, but if you want to support local, check out the Belle De Jour planners.
Made with 100% naturally locally sourced beeswax, essential and fragrance oils, BaO currently has three scents: Yoga (bamboo, peppermint & green tea); Focus (citrus vanilla), and Rest Easy (Lavender Vanilla). With its unique coconut holder, this is the perfect gift for your special ones who love to meditate and relax!

Pointy Little Things – Pins

Gift cards, especially when they’re thoughtfully chosen, can make for great gifts. After all, it also gives the receiver the flexibility to choose what they’d want to receive! Some favorites would be Klook, GrabFood, Puregold, SM, Flowerstore, and more (can be purchased from Lazada or Shopee).
AMGU is a zero-waste store in Cebu that provides sustainable products for everyday use. With their customized packaging, you can easily order several items and have them delivered to your giftee! One unique item they have is their plantable pencils: wooden sticks that have gelatin capsules of seeds on one end instead of erasers!

Clothing & Shoes

Have you seen my latest vlog?
Local jewelry made by Mana PH highlights iconic aspects of our Filipino culture through the Filigree Tambourine jewelry tradition. Partnered with the last filigree master craftsman (5th generation), the brand aims to keep the tradition alive and bring it back into contemporary Filipino culture.

Indigenous Fabric & Clothing

LINK: @habifootwearandlifestyle
PRICE: Starts at Php 600
Flowers are not only for Valentines, so brighten someone’s day with a flower bouquet/box that’s paired off with a Christmas basket of goodies, a fruit basket, a gift box, some cake, or even a bottle of alcohol. If you want to step up your game, then buy a unique chocolate bouquet instead!

Rags2Riches (R2R) Clothing

LINK: @thedreamcoffeeph
PRICE: Starts at Php 400
If you’re looking to upscale your presents (e.g. a Christmas gift for mom), this might be the answer! Places like Palawan offers lower prices for pearls; but if travel to the provinces is not possible, Greenhills and Kultura outlets in Manila are other options. (Kultura also has a lot of other local products that you can choose from).

Food & Drinks

LINK: @grazesbymrs.reyes
PRICE: Starts at Php 550
Plus, you’ll not only surprise your recipient with a special gift but you will also help and support local artisans, creators, crafters and sellers who have poured effort and dedication to their products and businesses.

Grazing Gift Box

LINK: @kulturafilipino
PRICE: Starts at Php 1,000
Another brand that designs eco-friendly gifts is Funk Trunk. Apart from their Hero Pack that includes a Funkutlery set, bamboo pen, and BambuCup, they also have the Bambler (tumbler). The icing to the cake? If you buy an item, they will plant a tree in return!

Queso De Bola Spread

LINK: @spruceplantshop
PRICE: Starts at Php 100
For all your coffee-loving friends and loved ones, head on over to The Dream Coffee PH for local and authentic coffee. This brand makes coffee products that are 100% single origin Philippine Arabica created together with farmers from T’Boli, South Cotabato. (Check out their boxed selections that are perfect for gift-giving!)

Sweets/Fruits Bundled with Flowers

Help your plantita or plantito friends with their home plant collection and give them something to gush about by gifting them one of their dream plants. There are several online plant stores that sell quality and healthy plants, but Spruce Plant Shop is one of my favorites!
For the loved one who maintains a certain minimalist ~aesthetic~, Every Inch’s selections are a must for you to look through! With Instagram-worthy designs and illustrations, you’re sure to delight your giftee. Apart from cups, they also have collections of vases, trays, utensils, and more.

Auro Chocolate Gift Boxes

PRICE: Starts at Php 200
This is the ideal gift to your best buddies or coworkers who would love some wine and cheese! With Grazes by Mrs. Reyes, there are several variants of her holiday grazing gift boxes and it has everything you’re looking for in a great cheese board spread!

Boozy.PH Liquor Gift Sets

Wondering about Christmas Gift Ideas for him or for dad? Well, why not make their holiday merry, bright, and bubbly with some liquor drinks? Boozy.PH has a wide range of liquor brands that can be packaged in this nice gift box. (Disclaimer: Instead of a Boozy glass, most gift sets are combined with a different item, please check by their store for the selections).
LINK: @lazadaph
PRICE: Starts at Php 100

Local Coffee from The Dream Coffee PH

There are several local shoemakers in the country that make quality and comfortable footwear and Habi is one of them. Promoting responsible fashion and social involvement, all their products are 100% Filipino-made and eco-friendly too! You can also find other products like bags, home items, etc.
Without further ado, here are the top local Christmas gift ideas that you can give this holiday season. Feel free to mix and match!

Bayani Brew Gift Box

LINK: @goodfoodcommunity
PRICE: Starts at Php 350
Queso De Bola is a staple for the holidays but this is not the usual as it now comes as a spread. As such, Nanay Luisa’s Queso De Bola spread is one of the best Christmas gift ideas. With its blend of Edam cheese with mayonnaise, pimiento, and pickle relish, it has just the right blend of bold flavors!

Kitchen Items

SIP Reusable Utensils

For even more choices, check out Cambio & Co. as they showcase contemporary fashion designed and handcrafted by talented Filipino artisans. They house a number of local brands from which you can take your pick: jewelry, bags, and more!
Chocolates are a simple yet much-appreciated gift to receive over the holidays — especially if the recipient has a sweet tooth! For this, go for the award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate company that sustainably sources cacao beans from Filipino farmers: Auro Chocolate, which is based in Davao province. (Check out their popular Chocoholic’s Kit priced at Php 1,350!)

Funk Trunk PH Tumbler & More

Browse through this popular fashion house that partners with local artisans all over the country! Choose from a huge number of eco-ethical clothes as well as other items like bags, wallets, tech, and others. Every purchase also helps support R2R’s training program for marginalized workers. (A similar marketplace is Frankie & Friends, check them out too!)
LINK: @cambio_co
PRICE: Starts at Php 1,000

EveryInch.PH Minimalist Cups & More

LINK: @aurochocolate
PRICE: Starts at Php 200
Looking for more Christmas gift ideas for her? This Cebu-based store collaborates with weavers from all over the country to create products using indigenous local textiles. The variety of items in their catalog is pretty overwhelming so you’ll have lots to choose from: neckties, scarves, skirts, bag tags, and even checkbook holders!

Other Christmas Gift Ideas

Local Gift Cards

LINK: @loudbasstard
PRICE: Starts at Php 900
LINK: @wanderskye
PRICE: Starts at Php 445

BDJ Planner

LINK: @anthillfabric
PRICE: Starts at Php 300
I’ve mentioned a face mask case above as one of the top Christmas gift ideas, now how about including a stylish local print of a washable mask itself? The weave on these are woven by local artisans in Davao, and if you purchase this, part of the proceeds will aid an advocacy.

Ikebana Acrylic Music Plaques

This local brand specializes in making reusable straws and lately, they’ve come up with the SIP Burrito: a sustainably-produced bamboo utensil and metal straw set. Buy this for your friends who buy Frappuccino drinks every day or for your colleagues who always bring a packed lunch! They also have other items in store that you can easily bundle in a nicely-packed SIP gift box.
LINK: @sipsteelstraws
PRICE: Starts at Php 385

Plantable Pencils & Other Eco-Friendly Items

LINK: @Rags2Riches
PRICE: Starts at Php 1,000
This is one of the most unique and healthy Christmas gift ideas for this year: Gawad Kalinga (GK) Farm’s ice tea brand, Bayani Brew! Made from local ingredients sourced from organic farming communities, you’ll not only gift something that’s good for the body but also for the soul as you support this social enterprise.

Spruce Plants

Happy shopping!
LINK: @funktrunkph
PRICE: Starts at Php 1,399

Qubo Gardening Kit Gift Box

LINK: @bdjbuzz
PRICE: Starts at Php 500
PRICE: Starts at Php 650

BaO Artisan Candles

I hope this list of Christmas gift ideas helped you decide on what presents to get for the special people in your life. Do let me know what you end up buying by leaving a comment down below.
It’s almost Christmas and I’m sure you’ve faced the daunting task of deciding what gift or regalo to give a coworker, a family member, a friend, a partner, a relative, other loved ones, and even to yourself. So if you’re still thinking of Christmas gift ideas, consider going for local Philippines products and/or sellers! Besides, with the existence of online shopping websites and Instagram storefronts, placing an order can be done easily and fast (most especially if you’re already pressed for time).

LoudBasstard Natural Amplifier

Annyeong, K-Drama & K-Pop lovers! If you want to collect a memento of your ‘bias’, you should get yourself and your fellow buddies these cute pins! This local brand makes all sorts of button pins, enamel pins, and even charm accessories (NOT limited to the Korean hallyu culture) that are absolutely cute and addicting to collect.
This has got to be one of the coolest Christmas gift ideas: a customizable acrylic plaque that looks like Spotify’s interface — better yet, it actually has a QR code that you can scan so that it automatically plays on your phone. Isn’t that awesome? This is a great way to dedicate a song to your friend, or it can even serve as a reminder of your ‘theme song’ with your jowa!

LINK: @NinoFrancoPH
PRICE: Starts at Php 499

LINK: @amgu.cebu
PRICE: Starts at Php 200
~ Top photo from Shutterstock
For Christmas gift ideas for friends or loved ones, you can dazzle them with this other type of jewelry: thin and minimal! There are a lot of designs to choose from such as celestial/constellation pieces, birthstone rings, and so much more!

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