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The Fire Man demonstrates how to create a fire in the harsh winter conditions. The ultimate survival skill.
Even if you are a beginner, you are taught the basic skills to enjoy the adventure. When you first strap on your snowshoes, it feels odd to have large aluminium frames attached to your feet, making you immediately waddle like a duck. You lift your feet slightly, roll your feet more than usual and emphasise the stepping action on your toes.
Easy to learn, safe and inexpensive, snowshoeing is an ideal way to experience the exhilaration of the great outdoors in a Canadian Winter. A snowshoeing trip in Mont Tremblant is unique if you are not from a country that experiences harsh winters. Even if you are experienced in these climates, this is still a memorable opportunity to sample a tradition that goes back thousands of years. And in a country where no adventurous escapades are off-limits because of the weather. 
Mont Tremblant is a prime region for winter activities – a canvas in the Laurentian Mountains that spans so much wider than a ski resort. When you snowshoe Tremblant, you get off-track and into pristine nature where no trails have been carved by machines or man.

A man dressed in dark clothing and wearing snowshoes leads a tour in a in a snow covered forest in Canada.
It was a perfect winter adventure and an opportunity to understand the endurance of those who live in this region. 

What is Snowshoeing in Mont Tremblant Like?

Once an essential tool for hunter-gatherers, snowshoeing remains a popular recreational activity for runners and avid hikers to continue their hobby during the season of heavy snowfall.
The untouched forest of Mont Tremblant in winter.
You quickly make easily traversable trails in a group – the strongest trekkers are asked to help lead the way and form a makeshift path. And while it’s easy to fall, those minor stumbles aid the experience. We giggled as people fell into a mass of soft snow and soon learnt how to laugh at ourselves for tripping over our own feet!

Four people wearing bright coloured ski gear snowshoe in Mont Tremblant, crossing a metal bridge in a forest.
Finding glaciers in the woodland Mont Tremblant’s snowshoe trails.
A man in dark clothing leads two people across an elevated bridge in a snow covered forest on a snowshoe tour in Mont Tremblant.
Are you thinking of snowshoeing Mont Tremblant’s mountainous plains? One way to experience the traditions of a Canadian Winter is by taking The Fire Man Snowshoe Tour. 
Golden leaves stand out amongst the thin tree trunks in a snow covered woodland during winter in Mont Tremblant.
The Fire Man strips bark from a tree with an axe.

And like hunter-gathers of old, minus the traditional latticed snowshoes made of animal skins and other natural materials, we listened as our leader, the Fire Man, who stopped to play his flute in the still air of the wilderness and watched in awe as we gathered around him while he made a fire from tree bark and other materials.
During the winter in Mont Tremblant, I combined trekking with nature survival skills in the great outdoors on the Fire Man Snowshoe Tour – a two-hour journey through the quiet forest surrounding the ski runs. 

Five people snowshoeing Mont Tremblant through the snow drenched forest.
Setting up the tool to make a fire in the snow.
A man in dark clothing snowshoeing through deep forest snow in the Mont Tremblant hills.
For those who have never seen such levels of snowfall, it’s otherworldly, different and exhilarating. We passed roaming deer as we climbed deeper in the forest slopes and stumbled across ice glaciers that had formed around the rock walls

Stoking the fire.

Two deer, with gold and white fur, rest in deep snow in a woodland.
The forest snowshoe trails in Mont Tremblant, accessible on a guided tour.
A man in black clothing, carrying camera gear and a helmet, walked past a blue-ice glacier in a snow covered forest in Mont Tremblant in winter.
Within minutes you soon realise it’s easy to pick up a stride and your adventurous spirit as you pass the snowy roads and hit the powder-drenched forests.

The Fire Man Tour – Winter Traditions and Survival Skills

Snowshoes work by distributing weight over a larger surface area so that your foot does not sink into the snow, with gaps or woven grid patterns to cut through and flatten it rather than absorbing it.

The Fire Man of Mont Tremblant carves strips of bark off a large tree truck with a small black axe.
My visit to Mont Tremblant was created in partnership with the Canadian Tourism Commission, Tourism Montreal and Tourism Quebec. I maintain all editorial control over the content produced from this trip. 
A man, on the knees, works with bark and paper trying to light a fire in a snow covered forest.
Snowshoeing Tremblant’s deep forest powder.
Watched by two people, a man blows into paper releasing a bellow of smoke in a snow drenched forest.
Snowshoeing in Mont Tremblant? Take the Fire Man Snowshoe Tour!
Two people watch a man in a forest heaped with snow as he blows into a roll of paper, making fire.
Spotting wild deer as we ventured further in the forest.

Want to learn about culture, tradition and the great outdoors with the famed Fire Man of Quebec? Snowshoe Mont Tremblant on a guided tour. Reserve your space here. 

How to Book the Mont Tremblant Snowshoe Tour

Winter in Mont Tremblant isn’t only for skiers. Snowshoeing is an alternative activity to get you in the thick of the sweeping snow-capped forests that line the 70 slopes and fill the 18-acre park. 
Learning about basic survival snowshoeing in Mont Tremblant.
The Fire Man snowshoe tour guide, leading the way.

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