Cannabis-Infused City Cruise Tours San Francisco
The Cannabis Supper Club in LA will not frown on anyone vaping CBD oil yet most attendants are here for a great social gathering with weed involved. Also held in private spaces, this superbly innovative event brings together the cream of the crop of chefs, growers and mixologists and are organised by specialists in events. The idea is to enjoy a gorgeous, first class meal with each course accompanied by a different strain of quality cannabis. This has to be one of the classiest clubs around, and one any discerning cannabis lover wants to be part of.
Puff, Pass and Paint
Cannabis Supper Club in LA

With many states of the USA having legalized cannabis it is no surprise that, alongside the cannabis and accessories market itself, many peripheral businesses have sprung up to capitalize the popularity of the substance. Among these is the fast-growing cannabis tourism industry. At first glance that might seem an odd thing to say, but in fact many people have put together attractive and popular cannabis tours and activities across the USA. Let’s have a look at 5 of the best.
Heidi Keyes is a landscape painter from Denver who saw the potential in combining hands-on painting classes with smoking, vaping or ingesting cannabis. Attendants are required to bring their own weed, and get involved in engaging and entertaining – as well as helpful – classes while enjoying their cannabis. Puff, Pass and Paste is cleverly held in private residences and can be found in some 13 cities across the world, and there’s also a cooking section! Just remember to bring a portable dry herb vaporizer for the incredible weed trip and art class combination.
Mary Jane Fonda
That’s our five choices and there are currently many more, and the rise of the Marijuana Tourism industry has only just begun! Have a look for more and see what takes your fancy, and enjoy your cannabis in a different setting.
Who actually decided to combine smoking marijuana with an exercise class? Amarett Jans is the answer, and this great idea is a pop-up event that could be occurring near you. A mixture of dance, exercise and smoking it brings enjoyment to a routine that would normally scare a lot of cannabis users away, but gets rave reviews. Why not stay fit while you smoke your weed, and enjoy the brilliant social aspects of Mary Jane Fonda? Try it, you’ll love it!
It’s a little-known fact that Oregon led the way in decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana as long ago as 1973! Today, one of the state’s biggest industry issues is a surplus of weed. In Portland you can now enjoy the delights of Puff Puff Pour, where food is replaced by cannabis, and different courses offer different strains. You vape  alongside sampling quality, carefully curated beverages that are designed complement the weed, and it’s a truly great experience. This two-hour session also gives you the opportunity to talk to local cannabis farmers about their various strains.
Puff Puff Pour
Run by growers and producers Emerald Farms, there can be no better way to explore the sights of San Francisco than in a luxury limo while smoking weed! You get to visit some of the top cannabis lounges in the city where you will be treated as a VIP, as well as serious discounts on cannabis at the retailers only for tour customers. The sights taken include the famous and the weed-oriented, so it’s certainly a great way to see what’s going on in this magical city.

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