Daintree rainforest is 180 million years old. Wildlife is abundant here along mangroves, palm forests, and skyscraper-sized trees. You can see some exotic birds too.
The Great Barrier Reef is the most extensive coral reef system in the world. You can select an eco-friendly company for your trip due to rising controversies in the recent past. It is ideal to shortlist one that respects and promotes the preservation of the reefs.
The Twelve Apostles is the most famous rock formation formed by years of erosion. You will get a serene view of the ocean, charming towns, campsites, and national parks. Get a chance to meet koalas inhabiting the eucalyptus trees in the wild here.

Best Time to Visit

You will love the exquisitely beautiful weathered and rugged coastline of Australia.
Swimming with whale sharks is the most adventurous thing to do in Australia. Visit Exmouth and book a Ningaloo Reef tour. The best time to visit is between March and August when they gather near the Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef’s Allure

Lake Hillier, known as the Pink Lake, is home to red pigments secreting algae and bacteria. These secretions make the saltwater look bright pink.
Australia is rich in natural reserves that accompany fun activities too. In Kakadu National Park, you can hike through the bushes, swim in waterfalls, canoe along rivers, or bird watch in wetlands. You can also explore deep gorges, massive canyons, aboriginal rock paintings, walking trails, and a lot more.

The Uluru Sun

Most people start their trip from Melbourne due to the city’s connectivity and popularity. If you check the weather in Melbourne, the most populous and loved city in Australia, you will find that spring and autumn are the best time to visit. During September to November and March to May, the weather is generally pleasant.
So, dive in to find what should be part of your 2022 Australian adventure bucket list.

A Road Trip to Remember

Australia has a diverse landscape. You will get everything from white sand beaches to hot deserts. The country’s diversity lets you experience numerous adventures during your visit.
The gorgeous blue Mountain range, located west of Sydney, has canyons, immense valleys, waterfalls, gum trees, and rivers. You can immerse yourself in nature and feel that the place has never had any human infiltration.
You can make Cape Tribulation, Port Douglas, or Cairns your base. Depending on the kind of experience you possess and your skill level, you can go scuba diving or snorkeling.

The Scenic Wineglass Bay

A road trip along the Great Ocean Road can be an uncomfortable experience. You can rent a car from Melbourne and enjoy the flexibility and freedom of going solo.

Scouting for Pearls

If you are in for some cross-country traveling, Uluru can be a great addition to your itinerary. Sunrise and sunset make the red sandstone rock glow and look dreamy.

Incredible Kakadu National Park

The unique things to try out can overwhelm you when you plan a trip to Australia. Even if it is your first time and you don’t know much about the country, it will not go wrong. It has a rich culture and vibrant natural beauty in every corner.

A Visit to the Pink Lake

As you can see, there are various activities that you can do in Australia and have a great trip. The above is not an exhaustive list, but it can guide you in the right direction to shortlist the activities you can enjoy.

Swim With Whales

The largest monolith on earth, Ayers Rock, is at Uluru. Reaching the place is quite a task as it sits near Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

The Off-Grid Daintree Rainforest

You can hike in the mountains towering around the bay. Don’t miss the Mt. Amos Hike at sunrise.

The Blue Mountains Hike

A vibrant sunset and uncrowded beaches are there for you to enjoy in Broome – the beach town of Western Australia. The Willie Creek Pearl Farm is the main attraction of the place. You will learn about the oil industry during a boat trip to the sea.
Tasmania, situated on a little southeast coast Australian island, has a wild and natural beauty with a diverse landscape. One of the most iconic spots on this island is Wineglass Bay. The sapphire-colored seawater resembles wine filling the wine glass-shaped bright white sand coastline.
You can go hiking, camping in the wilderness, or visit waterfalls. Some people even try the daredevil acts of rock climbing or waterfall rappelling.

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