Feels like having jumped out of a dream, doesn’t it?
Walking the cobblestone streets of Mykonos in winter is like strolling a secret, almost deserted island with numerous charms and beauties waiting to be discovered. It is unimaginable how peaceful and serene this hugely cosmopolitan island with the bustling nightlife is after the partying crowds leave! In fact, it’s the ideal place for contemplation, being inspired, refilling your batteries, and creating, especially if you belong in the creative/artistic realm!

Things to do in Mykonos in the winter

Want the best part of visiting Mykonos in winter? You get to experience the depth and warmth of the Myconeans themselves. Can’t get any more exclusive than that! Despite the fact that the locals get overwhelmed by the millions of tourists that flock to the island from May to mid-October, they are always more than happy to share parts of their everyday lives. And, although you’re still quite far from the spring bag-pipe festivals and the traditional festive events taking place in Mykonos Town or hilltop villages, you are in for a great time, nonetheless.
The fact: the cosmopolitan magnet gathers the attention of millions of a-lists and individuals from the international jet set. And, for many travellers, this is part of the Mykonos allure. For others, though, it’s much more pleasing to see the most authentic face of Mykonos. Can you blame them, considering that Mykonos feels incredibly private during winter?

Treating yourself with sheer luxury 

Lovers of a VIP lifestyle and fans of ultimate partying appreciate the vibrant night scene of Mykonos, which also epitomises luxury and style. But Mykonos is, at the same time, a magnificent Greek island that you can have almost all for yourself if you choose to visit it during the low or shoulder season.
The same applies to all other tourist attractions and landmarks, such as the Windmills, Armenistis Lighthouse, and, of course, Delos island, which draws more than 150,000 visitors in the summertime. If you decide to make this short journey, expect archaeologists with contagious joy and generous with knowledge, opening the doors of a fantastic world full of legends, tales, mythological creatures, ancient gods, and sacred soils.

Getting a taste of authentic Mykonos life

Other than that, let’s not forget that Mykonos remains a delightful Cyclades island with impressive architecture and more than 600 whitewashed churches and chapels. Expect the chiming of bells wishing you a good day every single morning, reminding a deep-rooted aspect of Greek island life – people’s devotion to God. That aside, you can still visit some of the magnificent Mykonos churches for their unique appeal and stunning views of the shimmering Aegean Sea, if nothing else!
You will see islanders (usually men) gathering at kafeneia in the mornings, enjoying their coffee and chatting about current affairs, always willing to get into fiery debates that end up with laughter! In the afternoon, you will either find them working on their tasks, preparing for night fishing, or sharing ouzo shots with friends at tavernas, seaside, or not. As for the women, they will surely make your sense of smell explode with the aromas of delicious, hand-made spinach and onion pies, a slice of which they are happy to offer as a welcome gift!  Mykonos may still be in “relax” mode, but this takes away nothing of the pampering it gives to visitors. Most elegant Mykonos 5 star hotels are open year-round, offering world-class services and top-notch facilities regardless of the season. This means that you can wake up to heart-stopping seascapes, be spoiled with spa treatments, and enjoy a private candlelit dinner at a privately-owned beachfront location. With stylish accommodation like Kivotos Mykonos, though, the experience is taken on an entirely different level, with a hotel-owed yacht ready to fulfil your fine dining requirements or even set sails for a romantic endeavour in the open sea! Other than that, you’ll have plenty of entertainment options available, providing satisfying adventures to winter travellers.

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