The beach’s large size and family-friendly atmosphere means it’s teeming with activity throughout the year. A favorite of volleyball and soccer players, there’s always a game you can jump into! The beach is also famous for hosting the world surfing championships.

History of Florianópolis

+55 48 3240-0436

If you wish, you can upgrade to a room with an ocean view. Their suites come with a number of additional amenities, including dining tables, hot tubs, a safety deposit box, and a private elevator. All guests can take advantage of their gym, free breakfasts, solarium, business center, room service, and outdoor pool. It’s on of the top things to do in Florianópolis, Brazil because it’s the best place to stay in town!

Present-Day Florianópolis

Coqueiros, Florianópolis – SC, 88080-701
Inside, the restaurant offers a wide variety of cachaças, including some strong and sweet ones. If cachaça isn’t your thing, they also sell beer from a local craft brewery in Sambaqui called Cerveza Sambaqui. I recommend their IPA, which is fruity and slightly bitter but not very hoppy.

This simple, rustic lakeside restaurant has been in business for over forty years. They have outdoor seating under a covered terrace if you prefer to dine in the shade, and seating on an outdoor pier.
The restaurant is famous for their unique stuffed oyster recipe, so they’re a must when you visit. They’re hot and creamy, and are filled to the brim with a generous amount of oyster meat and a mountain of shredded crab.
Around the lagoon is its namesake town, which is home to specialty shops, spas, restaurants, markets, and food vendors. Exploring the area is easily another of the top things to do in Florianópolis.

Enjoy the Sun and Water at Praia Mole

Oysters are king here, in more ways than one. Not only are they the house specialty, but they’re also massive! They’re some of the largest oysters I ate in Brazil. I suggest ordering some raw oysters if you’re a fan, as well as an order of their amazing charbroiled oysters.
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The sole fish, while slightly dry on its own, comes to life when you eat it with a bit of rice, banana, and gravy. The combination of salty fish and sweet banana is one I never knew I needed in my life. Best of all, if you’re wary of bones like I am, this fish comes perfectly filleted with no bones whatsoever.
Of course, their oysters are equally outstanding. I’m a big fan of eating raw oysters either plain or with just a squeeze of lime and a dash of Tabasco sauce. They’re smooth and succulent, and the citrusy tang and burst of heat are just incredible.

Enjoy Brazilian Oysters at Ostradamus Restaurante

In the city center, not far from Praia da Joaquina and Dunas da Joaquina, is another of  Florianópolis’ top attractions, Lagoa da Conceição. This large, freshwater lagoon is known for its combination of beaches, hills, and dunes, which make for some of the most breathtaking views in the area.

Ribeirão da Ilha, Florianópolis – SC, 88064-002

Ostradamus Restaurante

Now, it’s time to get into Ostradamus’ more unique offerings, starting with their massive flambeed oysters with honey, ginger, garlic, and balsamic vinegar. The combination of sweet, spicy, and tangy with the salty oyster is one I’ll never forget!

The fish went very well with the mayo, almost like a relish-less tartar sauce. But, as a spice lover, it was hard to beat the chili and habanero sauces. Having some heat with your seafood is one of my favorite things to do in Florianópolis, Brazil, so I highly recommend it! Best of all, we enjoyed a mountain of stellar seafood for just R6, or just under USD. It was practically a steal!

The Never-Ending Oysters of Ostradamus

In the area, you’ll find Restaurante Mandala, another of the city’s top seafood spots. Like nearly every restaurant in southern Brazil, a shot of cachaça is a must. I recommend their honey cachaça, which is sweet and floral but also deceptively strong!

There are countless seafood places in Florianópolis, but it would be a crime to miss Ostradamus Restaurante on La Ruta Gastronomica. Eating there is among the best things to do in Florianópolis, Brazil and is a dining experience you’ll never forget!
If you’re traveling to Florianópolis strictly for a beach vacation, Praia Joaquina’s infrastructure is top notch. Not only are there bars and restaurants along it, but you’ll also find hotels, shops, public restrooms and showers, and even a police station!
Located on the country’s southeastern coast, Florianópolis lies roughly 704 miles southwest of its world-famous cousin, Rio de Janeiro. Though Florianópolis has never enjoyed the same level of fame and notoriety as Rio, it is every bit as beautiful and interesting.
If you’re a foodie looking for the top things to do in Florianópolis, Brazil, I suggest starting with La Ruta Gastronomica. Located on the south side of Santa Catarina Island, this route of never-ending seafood restaurants is a food lover’s dream.

The Octopus

If you love cheesy oysters, go for the baked parmesan oysters, which are loaded with creamy cheese. The toasted crust on top gives them some added texture. I also highly recommend the oysters that came with a dozen different peppers in it!
I highly recommend taking at least an hour to truly enjoy this incredible experience. For beginners, I suggest using the sled, which you sit on, as opposed to the narrower board, which requires you to stand. The sled is a much safer way to rocket down the dune! It’s a thrill ride and easily one of my top things to do in Florianópolis, Brazil!
I also recommend bringing goggles with you, as sand will get kicked up into your face as you fly down the dune. Just wear them and try to keep your shouting to a minimum—the last thing you want is a mouthful of sand!

The beach is known for its intense wave action, which makes it perfect for surfers and paragliders, but not so conducive for swimming. The rough waters can be dangerous for children and weaker swimmers, so caution is advised, even though there are a number of lifeguard stands.

On the northern end of Santa Catarina Island, in the Sambaqui area, is one of Florianópolis’ top seafood spots, Restaurante Pitangueiras. It’s roughly a 40-minute drive from the city center (and more with traffic), so I suggest giving yourself a generous window of time to get there.

Eat Brazilian Seafood at Cantina Zabot Restaurante

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BONUS: Eat at Hot Dog Du Piru

+55 48 3335-0398
With so many types of oysters, it would be easy to fill up on them, but I was also told that the octopus at Ostradamus was pretty special. I’m a big octopus lover, so trying their succulent version with caramelized onions, herbs, bread, and sesame seeds had my mouth watering from the jump!
Restaurante Pitangueiras takes full advantage of its beautiful coastal location and nearby oyster farm. Their mussels, raw oysters, and fried shrimp are all exceptional and come served with a creamy, decadent aioli.

Tapera, Florianópolis – SC, 88049-101


Like the hot dogs I’d had earlier in my trip, the one I had at Hot Dog Du Piru was overflowing with toppings. It came loaded with cabbage, corn, mayo, white cheese, special sauce, fritas (small fries), green peas, tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and much more. It was so big, I could barely get my mouth around it!

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