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The lowest price you can get for a World Nomads travel insurance is about which covers a single person for 1 day, worldwide, and excluding the USA as well as your place of permanent residence.
World Nomads covered not only my hotel stay but also my rescheduled flight ticket! The process for accomplishing this was relatively easy after I gave them a call. I basically filled my claims online, provided all the necessary documents plus receipts as well as my bank details and then I got reimbursed!
World Nomads Travel Insurance
That being said, it’s certainly an important expense (that you hope you never have to ‘use’). Besides, travel insurance has proved and will continue to prove its worth to travelers.

And with that, let me tell you this again: travel insurance IS important. For your safety and convenience, never travel without this because you would be absolutely grateful should there ever be a time that you would need to use it (but it’s my hope that you never do — keep safe out there!)

• • •
Once you look at the coverage table and summary of inclusions above per plan, it should be easy for you to see the plan that’s best for you.
– Why Buy Best Travel Insurance
– How to Buy Travel Insurance When You’re Already Abroad

Nevertheless, let’s break down the advantages and disadvantages of World Nomads travel insurance to better help you see if this is the right one for your travels.
Your trip or vacation would definitely not be as cheap anymore once your expensive DSLR gets stolen, once you get infected by a virus abroad, or have your leg broken from an adventurous activity — trust me on this one: there are simply just too many things that can happen on the road and you have to protect yourself from that.
Honestly though, I used to be the kind of person who NEVER bought travel insurance… and it was mainly because I deemed it as just an added unnecessary expense.

All in all, apart from medical protection, travel insurance also covers missed flights, lost baggage, stolen belongings, accidents, and so much more. Since then, I’ve come to see how foolish I was for all the times that I didn’t have insurance on me.

To date, World Nomads includes COVID-19 for the coverage of emergency medical expenses and medical transport/repatriation (as discussed in the next sections).

» What is World Nomads Travel Insurance?

However, if you want added or separate benefits (with added ,000 cover) on instances wherein you contract the virus causing you to cancel your trip or you got denied boarding due to suspected COVID-19 infection, you will need to purchase the Explorer Plan.
[link] is a popular insurance company designed for travel. Founded in 2002 by Simon Monk in Australia, it now covers people in almost all countries worldwide!
I’ve tried various providers over the years but nothing — I repeat, nothing! — could beat World Nomads‘ [link] benefits and coverage especially for a frequent traveler like me.

Example Standard Plan activities covered are: hiking, biking, swimming, yoga, paddle-boarding, ATV, etc.
Example Explorer Plan activities covered are: snowmobiling, skiing, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, paragliding, skydiving, etc.

Additionally, World Nomads is a socially-conscious company that has been supporting several community development projects worldwide. They even invite their customers to help make a difference to such communities by giving the option to donate micro values (at most ) whenever they’re about to purchase a policy. You can even choose among which projects they have that you would like to place your donation to!

» What is Included?

Standard Plan Explorer Plan
24-Hour Assistance Services Unlimited Unlimited
Emergency Medical Expenses Overseas $5,000,000 Unlimited
Adventure Sports & Activities [See list] [See list]
Emergency Evacuation $300,000 $500,000
Repatriation of Remains $300,000 $500,000
Medical Transport & Repatriation Home $500,000 $500,000
Emergency Accidents & Sickness $100,000 $100,000
Non-Medical Emergency Transportation $25,000 $25,000
Personal Accident X $20,000
^ Accidental Death Under Age 18 X $3,000
Local Funeral Expenses & Repatriation $15,000 $15,000
Accompanying Person $5,000 $5,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment $5,000 $10,000
Additional Expenses $3,500 $3,500
Out-of-Pocket Expenses in Hospital $2,000 $3,000
^ Daily Limit $50 $100
Hospital Advancement (Securing Admission) $500 $500
Emergency Dental Treatment Starts at $300 Starts at $500
Prescribed Physiotherapy $250 $2,000
Counseling Services $250 $250
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Personal Liability $1,000,000 $2,500,000
^ Rental Holiday Accommodation $10,000 $10,000
Rental Car Damage (for USA citizens) X $35,000
Coronavirus Travel Costs X $2,000
Rental Car Excess X $2,000
^ Replacement of Rental Car Keys X $600
Pre-Trip Cancellation $5,000 $10,000
Trip Cancellation $2,500 $10,000
Trip Interruption or Curtailment $2,500 $10,000
^ Phone, Internet, Meals (After 12 Hours Delay) $150 $300
^ Additional Travel & Accommodation $500 $1,000
Trip Resumption $1,500 $3,000
Hijack X $3,000
^ Daily Limit X $150
Missed Connection X $1,000
Natural Catastrophe $1,750 $1,750
Baggage & Personal Effects $2,500 $3,500
^ Per Artice Limit $200 $500
^ Total Valuables Limit $350 $725
^ Electronics Single Item Limit $500 $750
^ Digital Storage Devices Single Item Limit $50 $100
^ Passport and Travel Documents $500 $1,000
Trip Delay $500 $3,000
^ Per Day Maximum $250 $250
Baggage Delay $450 $750
^ Per Day Maximum $150 $150
Money X $250
^ Cash Limit for Under 19 X $80
Countries Worldwide[1] Worldwide[1]
USA Included? Yes, at added cost Yes, at added cost
Age Limit 65[2] 65[2]
Deductibles $100/Event $100/Event[6]
Price Starts at $100/Month Starts at $200/Month
Per Day Option Available? Yes Yes

[1]Everywhere but North Korea, Cuba, and Iran
[2]Depending on your nationality, coverage can reach up to 70 years old.
For starters, if you want all the benefits of the Standard Plan but with higher limits and extra coverage (more intense adventure sports, rental car insurance, personal accidents, and others) then the Explorer Plan is the best fit for you.

COVID-19 Coverage
For multiple times now, I’ve been on trips where I needed to extend my World Nomads travel insurance online and I never had any problems doing so.
World Nomads

Emergency Medical Expenses overseas
It’s important to note that every coverage is different and you need to find the right one that suits you — so if you’re like me who travels a lot and who makes last-minute trip plans, but still wants travel insurance that’s not only well-priced but also easy to purchase and extend, World Nomads 

  • Dental Treatment: Accidental injuries or infection to sound, natural teeth. It does not cover checkups or cleanings.
  • Hospital Advancement: For instances when you need to secure admission to a hospital.
  • Personal Accident: For cases when, within 12 months after you’re involved in an accident overseas, you end up dying, losing a limb or suffering from some disablement, a percentage of the benefit limit will be paid.
    • For some destinations or nationalities, coverage limit under heading ‘Accidental Death & Dismemberment’ applies.

Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation

  • Emergency Evacuations: Must be ordered by a physician, certifying the severity of your accidental injury or sickness.
  • Repatriation of Remains: For any reasonable expenses for returning your body home in case of your death during your trip.
    • Local funeral costs overseas is also covered or transport costs for delivering your ashes back home.
  • Non-Medical Emergency Transportation: Coverage in case of civil or political unrest in your destination (can be related to terrorism). If there is a natural disaster or if you are expelled from a country, this also covers your transport back home.

Trip Cancellation, Connections, Delays and Interruptions

  • Trip Cancellation: For unused, non-refundable, and pre-booked expenses, there are 8 events acknowledged by this policy wherein you have no option but to cancel your trip before you leave home (including sudden death/illness/injury of your or your close relative, or even a member of your travelign party).
  • Trip Interruption: Covers costs when you have no option but to interrupt your trip while overseas. Read the policy to learn more about the 4 insured events for this.
  • Trip Delay: This is a one-time basis reimbursement for unused expenses on prepaid accommodation or additional expenses if you are delayed for 6 or more hours due to a defined hazard on the policy (with maximum daily limit).
  • Travel Disruptuon: If you are delayed for more than 12 hours due to one of 3 insured events (including your airline cancelling/diverting your transport), you can claim reimbursements on phone, internet, meals, refreshments, and additional travel/accommodation expenses.
  • Missed Connection: Additional travel expenses if you fail to board your connecting airline due to one of 6 insured events (e.g. strikes, or adverse weather conditions).
  • Hijack: Daily limit when you are a victim to overseas hijacking.

Adventure Sports & Activities
You’re off on yet another adventure and you’ve heard a lot of buzz about the popular World Nomads travel insurance. If you’re looking for an honest and unbiased review, this is the article for you!

Lost Baggage, Items, and Money

  • Baggage & Personal Belongings: In case these are stolen, damaged, or destroyed, the costs (less depreciation) for the repair or replacement of such will be covered within the value limit.
    • Baggage Delay: This is applied only for your outward journey when your baggage is delayed or misdirected for more than 12 hours (with daily payable limit).
  • Money: Provided you have a written police report for as soon as possible, reimbursements can be made for theft of your cash, traveller’s cheques, cheques, postal and money orders, whilst being carried by you or left in a locked safety deposit box.
  • Personal Liability: If you happen to injure someone or damage someone elses property during your trip, legal defence and compensation costs when you are sued and found legally liable can be covered (but this does NOT include 3rd party liability for mechanical/motorized vehicles).


  • Prescribed Physiotherapy: Any necessary outpatient physiotherapy treatment prescribed overseas.
  • Counselling Services: In case you’re assaulted and have suffered psychological trauma during your trip, certain specialist counselling services are covered.
  • Natural Catastrophe: Additional travel expenses incurred due to events like earthquakes, floods, etc.
  • Out-of-Pocket Hospital Expenses: In case of admittance in an overseas hospital for more than 24 hours, costs for phone calls, internet, TV and nicer food are covered (with a daily limit).
  • Rental Car Damage: Typically applies to US residents where they are covered for collision, theft, or natural disaster. Otherwise, the clause under ‘Rental Car Excess’ applies, but this does not replace the need to take out a seperate rental car insurance or a damage waiver.
    • Replacement of Rental Car Keys: When your rental car keys get lost, stolen, or damaged during rental period, including the costs to replace locks or for a locksmith to break into the rental car.

» What is Not Included?

  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions
  • General or Routine Check-Ups
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Cancellations due to fear of travel
  • Intentional Actions: If any loss or injury is caused by alcohol use, drug use, carelessness, self-harm, or any criminal activity, you will not be covered. Motorbike accidents in which you don’t hold a motorcycle license and an international driver’s license for motorcycles are also not covered.

» What World Nomads Travel Insurance is Right for You?

It is also backed by secure, trusted, and specialist underwriters/insurers who provide great cover, 24-hour emergency assistance, and the highest levels of support and claims management especially when you need it the most.
So if you’re like some people (including the old me) who think that traveling on a budget includes NOT buying travel insurance, you should know now that such is NOT true.

This coverage basically encompasses medical expenses for any medically necessary emergency treatment of an accidental injury that occurs during your trip.

» Travel Insurance Cost

There are over 200 wellness and sports activities covered by World Nomads [see list] and depending on your plan (Standard or Explorer) you can have these covered.
As an entity, it has even been recommended by big companies such as Lonely Planet and National Geographic — add the thousands of customer reviews from Trust Pilot over the years and you’re sure to see the great reputation that World Nomads has.

» Pros & Cons of world Nomads

••• Pros

  • Covers a Lot of Countries Worldwide: World Nomads travel insurance lets you explore up to 196 independent countries in the world — however, depending on your nationality, the current situation in the country you’re traveling to and others, the coverage may be limited (due to war, invasion, hostility, nuclear reaction, epidemics, etc.). Feel free to contact World Nomads to verify things.
    • NOTE: World Nomads’ policy cannot cover any expenses incurred within your country of permanent residence.
  • High Coverage for Medical Expenses: As a standard, you should get travel insurance that can provide at least $100,000… but when it comes to World Nomads, they provide up to $5,000,000 — and if you avail their Explorer package, you’ll acquire NO limits at all! (I don’t think it’s possible to ever need that large of an amount, BUT it’s always best to get a coverage that’s high).
  • Flexible Prices: Depending on your needs, World Nomads gives you the most affordable price possible. You can avail travel insurance for as short as 2 days only and up to 12 months — you can even extend your current policy during your trip. You can exclude travel in the USA too to make the price cheaper, or make the coverage for you alone, for you and your travel partner only, or for you and your whole family.
  • Buy or Extend Anytime, Anywhere: Had a change of plans? You can extend your current travel insurance with World Nomads from 2 days up to 12 months (maximum) — when that expires, you can extend again, and again, and again!
    • The best part? You can extend your policy online, hassle-free, even while you are traveling which is so unlike other holiday insurance providers who charge more for extensions while you’re on your trip! As such, there’s really no need for you to go back to your home country, and you can even do it right in the comfort of your hotel abroad. If in case you’re already traveling, you can also just buy a policy online anytime, no matter where you may be.
    • You have to extend the insurance before the policy end date in order for there to be no wait period; otherwise, you can just purchase a new one online. Take note that buying a new policy has a 3-day waiting period from the time you buy it and until it starts — rest assured, there’s coverage during this waiting period for sudden serious illness or injury due to an accident. All other full coverage begins after the wait period.
  • Gear and Electronics Cover: Traveling with high-value items? Most travel insurance companies have no coverage — if not a very small limit of up to $500. But with World Nomads, you can specify up to 10 high-value items to a maximum total value of USD $2,500 (Standard) or USD $3,500 (Explorer) wherein each item must have a limit value of $500 (Standard) or USD $750 (Explorer).
  • Perfect for adventure-loving travelers: I often like to do adrenaline-pumping activities like sky diving and paragliding, as well as milder acts like hiking, biking, yoga, etc. So it helps that World Nomads has coverage for activities like these in order to give us some peace of mind.
    • To see a complete list of the activities supported by them, go here. (If in case the activity you want to do is not on this list, feel free to contact World Nomads to verify if it’s included or not — just to be sure).
  • 24/7 customer service with online claims option: World Nomads absolutely has great commitment to providing exceptional customer service not only via their website’s contact form but also through their social media accounts. And for sure, should you ever be in an emergency situation, they can be reached 24/7 too!

••• Cons

  • Limited age coverage for seniors: As of this moment, Standard and Explorer plans typically cover people up until 65 years old (some nationalities have a 70-year old limit).
  • Coverage can differ depending on location and nationality: Like most other travel insurance companies, World Nomads has differing policies depending on your nationality as well as the places you’ll be visiting. As such, it’s always important to read the fine print!
    • For example, in some places, you are allowed to have a 1-year long travel insurance coverage whereas others only allow 180 days maximum.
  • Limited COVID coverage: As discussed above, though World Nomads covers COVID-19-related events, there are certain exclusions and it is mostly only covered under the Explorer plan. If you rather want a travel insurance that fully covers COVID-19, check out HeyMondo (this is also a travel insurance that is currently acknowledged by the Schengen Area’s embassies.
    • For example, cover is not available for loss arising from: government intervention including travel bans, border closures or broadly imposed quarantine requirements; events for which the Government has issued a ‘Do Not Travel’ warning or its equivalent for your destination(s); or failure to follow advice from official bodies. For other exceptions, read your policy in detail.

» My World Nomads Experience

But if you’re still on the fence about whether you should get travel insurance or not, let me tell you now that you MUST.
So now comes the dizzying part: what’s the best travel insurance out there?
As based on the breakdown above, below is a brief summary with a detailed explanation of the coverage that World Nomads provides…

» Important Tips

  • Always read your policy in detail. As I’ve already mentioned multiple times above in this article, some inclusions of World Nomads may differ not only in the type of coverage but also in the value limit as dependent on your destination and nationality. So, in order to avoid any mishaps or misunderstandings, it’s imperative to read the fine print before your purchase!
    • Truth be told, most travel insurance companies have bad reviews online not because of the company itself but because of travelers who failed to understand their policy inclusions.
  • Take time-stamped photos of your valuables (electronics, cameras, etc.). In case you have to make a claim later on for stolen items (though hopefully, you won’t!), these photos will come in handy especially when you file a police report.
  • Keep all necessary documents, receipts and invoices. The key here is to overdeliver, so apart from the basics such as receipts, proof of expenses, invoices, and police reports, if let’s say your flight got delayed, ensure that you ask for a statement from your airline. Apart from keeping hard copies of these documents, take a photo of them too in case you happen to lose them later on.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is World Nomads valid for my Schengen Visa application? With my experience of applying for Schengen Visas, World Nomads is accepted as travel insurance for visa applications. However, take my advice still with a grain of salt since it can still depend on the embassy located in your country — especially now with the pandemic, some may require bigger coverage for COVID-19. As such, it’s always best to verify with the embassy, if not World Nomads themselves.
I speak another language, can I talk to World Nomads in my mother tongue? The emergency assistance team of World Nomads is multi-lingual and is available  24/7. Whereas the claims team can communicate in English and Danish — but the general customer service team can only speak English. Rest assured, they will try their best to assist you!
Phone: +45 70 23 24 61 (call is not toll-free, but you can claim this cost later on)
Text message only: +45 42 41 30 00 (include your policy number)
Email: [email protected]
What are the important things that I should know which are not covered by World Nomads? Travel insurances don’t cover everything so it’s important to read the policy wording of your travel insurance. Thankfully, World Nomads covers a LOT. If ever in doubt, always contact World Nomads or check by their FAQ.
How can I make a claim? You can make a claim online while traveling (or even after you return home) through your World Nomads membership. As already mentioned as well in this article, make sure to gather all of the related receipts to your claim, or read the fine print on your policy to ensure that you fulfill all requirements.

But to quickly see a FREE packaged quote estimate for your nationality, age, as well as trip duration, and trip destination, simply use the widget below!

However, as I continued to travel the world, I’ve come to see the HUGE advantages of travel insurance — most especially when I got an ear infection and I needed to have my flight moved (more on this story later on in this post). But indeed, if not for my World Nomads policy back then, I would have spent so much money!
So far, for claims, I have done it once when I had a painful ear infection while I was on the last leg of my road trip in New Zealand. After I had it checked at a hospital, they advised me to postpone my flight back home until the infection clears up (this was to prevent any additional pressure on my eardrum while it’s healing).
[link] would be the right choice for you!
Remember: life is absolutely unpredictable and YOU are not invincible. Anything CAN go wrong, more so when you’re traveling.

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