If you give it a chance, it will surely blow you away. There are countless reasons why the Garden State should be on your travel radar, but the five reasons mentioned above should be enough to start your trip planning.
What’s more, you don’t have to join the flock of tourists going to other states to witness the changing colors of Autumn leaves as you can experience all of this and so much more in New Jersey. You can pick a bushel of apples, sip a warming apple cider, and take portraits as you watch the pretty leaves fall.
New Jersey is dubbed the Garden State for a reason. It’s home to more than 35 state parks and over a dozen of state forests to help you reach your inner Zen.

  1. The Beaches

New Jersey is home to unique festivals that brighten the sky with colorful kites and giant hot air balloons. They host the annual giant balloon festival along with the International Kite Festival.
New Jersey is famous for its Jersey Shore, not only for the reality TV show of the same name but the literal beach scene. Despite what that TV show taught you, there are other amazing beaches in New Jersey besides the infamous Jersey Shore.
If you haven’t been to a theme park in years, or maybe think you’re not a kid anymore, you really can’t be sure until you’ve experienced Six Flags Great Adventure.

  1. The Colorful Balloon And Kite Festivals

From glamorous resort towns to quaint seaside towns offering humble New Jersey vacation rentals, New Jersey beaches are plentiful and diverse. There are places like Ocean Grove, Cape May, Avalon, Ocean City, Wildwood Beach and so much more.
There are also several national wildlife refuges and management areas. Plus, a part of the infamous Appalachian Trail is here in New Jersey. Hence, New Jersey should be on top of your list if you ever need a place to go backpacking, see some wildlife, and soak in the beauty of Earth.

  1. Visit The Second Largest Theme Park Ever
Guests enjoy the Bizarro roller coaster ride at Six Flags Great Adventure’s in Jackson Township, NJ USA

Situated in Jackson, New Jersey, the Six Flags Great Adventure is considered one of the largest theme parks on Earth. This theme park covers 510 acres of land that contains a waterpark, a Wild Safari animal park, a roller coaster with the fastest and tallest drop in the world, and a 4D coaster that opened over six years ago.  

  1. Enjoy The Natural Beauty Of The Garden State

New Jersey is often overshadowed by its neighboring states. That said, when you take a closer look at New Jersey, you’ll be surprised to know it’s got anything any tourist could ever want. From the excellent food and drink paired with wondrous beaches and amazing festivals, New Jersey offers you so many fun things to do.
With up to 130 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline, it offers more than Jersey Shores as its only beach experience.

  1. Great Food And Littered With Diners

Read more as this article shares some of the top reasons why you need to include New Jersey on your next travel list.
In each diner, you’ll have some of the best food in the US and most items you simply can’t find elsewhere. As the Garden State, they have one of the best tomatoes, corn, and blueberries you’ll ever munch on. You could enjoy The Panzerotti, pork roll, egg and cheese, giant pancakes, or a Fat Sandwich, never being more than five miles away.
The International Kite Festival in New Jersey is the biggest festival of its kind in all of North America where the sky is filled with kite makers’ stunning and vibrant creations. If you’re more interested in hot air balloons, the 39th Annual giant balloon festival will be held in Solberg Airport in Readington for a 3-day festival from July 29 up to 31. Other than the gigantic balloons filling up the sky, there will be family entertainment, concerts, fireworks, good food, and games.
Aside from the food, New Jersey also has some beautiful wineries and fantastic craft breweries. You can sample rich varieties without the high prices of fine dining in the big cities, such as New York.
New Jersey may not be as flashy and lively as its northern neighbor or as historical as western and southern neighbors, such as Pennsylvania and Delaware, but New Jersey has its unique offerings to travelers.
New Jersey has more diners per capita than other states in America. It’s been named as the ‘diner capital of the world.’

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