Mechanical filtration – via tiny size pores on the filter membrane that stops contaminants from passing through.

But Water-to-Go’s revolutionary bottle changes that, with a built-in filter to rehydrate and provide safe, pure water, wherever you are. Here’s why it should be a staple addition to your travel gear. 
It’s hard enough to remember to drink a lot of water when you are on the go, let alone not being able to rely on tap water abroad – a luxury we all too often take for granted when we are at home.
If using local water sources, it’s inconvenient sometimes to wait the 25 minutes plus needed for water purification tablets to take effect (and some taste nasty).
Water-to-Go’s Unique 3-in-1 technology means you can drink from any non-salt water source around the world! 
A review of Water-to-Go travel bottles, the technology and why you need a water filter bottle on your travels. Includes an inclusive 20% discount code for all Water-to-Go purchases. The product was sent to me by the company in exchange for an honest report. 

Review of Water-to-Go Travel Bottles

Why is this filtered travel water bottle different?

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  • Water-to-Go has a unique 3-in-1 filtration system – a patented NASA developed technology that is different to the carbon activated filters used in other travel water bottles – that removes up to 99.99% of microbiological contaminants as you drink. 

Curiously, I’ve watched as bottles have been filled with the murkiest, muddiest water, only for it to trickle out of the bottle clear and clean. How?
The only exception is salty seawater because it damages the filter.
A black and clear Water-to-Go filter travel bottle.A black filter travel bottle with a red trim with wording: Water-to-Go and a picture of a blue globe. A bright blue and clear Water-to-Go filter travel bottle.A black filter travel bottle with wording: Water-to-Go and a picture of a blue globe.A pink and clear Water-to-Go filter travel bottle.A black filter travel bottle with a bright green trim with wording: Water-to-Go and a picture of a water drop.
While most carbon filters take out most sediment and other nasty materials, Water-to-Go’s technology goes a little further in removing other dangerous chemicals like chlorine and fluoride, alongside metals such as lead, disease-carrying bacteria like giardia & cryptosporidium and skin inducing viruses like Hep A. 
Plus it is BPA-free, so no nasty chemicals are used when making the bottle and the filters. 
Activated carbon – in the filter membrane, catching even more nasties and reducing bad tastes and smells.  
So while some water bottle companies will filter bacteria and protozoa (single-cell organisms), they won’t filter viruses. Water-to-Go filters it all. 

  • Purchasing one bottle replaces 400 single-use plastic water bottles.

Electrical filtration – via a positive charge that helps make the pore size even smaller and able to trap more contaminants. 
With a global patent on the technology, Water-to-Go has the highest consistency of filtration rate of contaminants than any other filtered water bottle. The first of its kind water bottle outside of the US. 

What water sources can you use with this filtration system?

The three technologies in a Water-to-Go filter are:
While bottled water isn’t that difficult to find when travelling and over time it’s costly, not to mention damaging to the environment because of single-use plastics.
My main gripe is that the filter can be a little noisy when you drink from it, but this has happened with other filter travel water bottles I have tried. Overall, it isn’t a huge deal and you can wobble the bottom of the filter to reduce the sound or get rid of it completely. 

Any downsides to Water-to-Go?

You can purchase this product here, and when using the special code BECKI20, Borders of Adventure readers will SAVE 20% discount on all Water-to-Go purchases.

How Much is the Water-to-Go Filter Bottle?

  • One bottle costs £29.99, and if you use this every day as I do, it means you make your money back within a matter of days.
  • You are also helping to reduce plastic waste, which is priceless.
  • The bottle includes one filter that needs only to be replaced after every 200 litres of water consumed. Should you use your travel water bottle regularly, this is akin to a period of around three months  – a VERY cost-effective option when on the road.

You can pretty much fill your bottle from any water source – from public washrooms and foreign apartment taps, as well as more natural sources like puddles, and streams.

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