Greece is known for many things. Most of its cities carry the memory of the former glory during antiquity. Numerous ruins of antique temples and places of great historical significance make you think of their former glory. In fact, after visiting Athens or Thessaloniki, any young person would be tempted to check out prices for essay wrtiting and order a history piece to upgrade their knowledge of the region. 
Well, what if you don’t want to be a part of that crowd and are willing to find new, barely known, or explored places in Europe. Does it sound like a doable task? We believe so. Here are some of the least visited places by tourists in Europe and why you should go there. 
In fact, this city has no other choice but to stay hidden from most of the world. Being that small (with the population around only thirty people), it would never stand a chance against tourist crowds lining up at its borders. Yet, it’s one of the most significant places in Croatia. 

Hum, Croatia

The view that opens up on that road, though, is surely worth all the struggle. It’s simply breathtaking. You get to watch over the traditional little Spanish town below while being surrounded by mountains from all sides, not to mention that this road is right on the border with a great national park. Also, if you have time, visit the park itself. Walking through it is like getting free research papers on biology as the flora diversity there is incredible. 
Some people come to Spain for delicious food. Some visit for cultural reasons. Others explore the rich architecture of the cities, while most prefer Spain for its beautiful beaches and hot climate. Well, while these tourists do their thing, you can do yours. Take the N-625 route from San Juan to find a beautiful and mesmerizing Petit Alpe d’Huez – an unusual road in Asturia. This picturesque road is one of the hidden gems of Spain. However, we should warn you that this road is not for the faint-hearted or those who are unsure about their driving skills. Those who can easily dizzy on mountain curves should also think twice about getting to this particular bit of the road. 

Mont Saint Michel, France

You may think about how a city can act as a hidden gem of a nation? Well, this one certainly can. The thing is, Mont Saint Michel is located far from any major cities or common tourist destinations. Hence, people who want to see it must come specifically to this location. Not to mention that visitors in France have many other tourist distractions on the way to remember about ones located that far. 
Mont Saint Michel is a small old city in the North of France. In fact, this whole city rather looks like a fortification with a castle on top of the hill. The entire city was built on the coastline, though today it is already surrounded by sea and connected with the mainland by a bridge. So, if you want to see, you better go now or else it’ll be underwater sooner than later. 

Petit Alpe d’Huez in Spain 

Indeed, even today, it’s a rather reserved place. Only a few sights inside the monastery are open for visitors. For the most part, though, you won’t be able to see much from the inside, but you surely can enjoy the view on the outside. After all, this is what the Holy Trinity Monastery is famous for – it is the city in the skies. The location of this monastery is so unusual and distant from society that you can’t’ find it unless you know where to look for it. 

Croatia is starting to attract more and more tourists every year. Yet, it is still one of the least visited European countries. Though, it definitely has a lot of potential. It’s one of the least visited yet, most interesting places in the city Hum, located in the Northern part of the Croatian peninsula. The city is interesting due to its rather small size and the preservation of its historical appearance. 

Holy Trinity Monastery, Greece

We are truly living in interesting times. By now, it feels like every spot on Earth has been seen, researched, and known. You can say that it’s hard to find something that is completely unique and untouched by men, especially when it comes to traveling experience. Wherever you go, you’ll stumble upon crowds after crowds of tourists who are visiting the classical tourist attractions of those places. 
However, there is one hidden gem in Greece that is interesting, not due to its former importance but its current location. It’s the Holy Trinity Monastery in Kalambaka, a 13th century Eastern Orthodox monastery that was built on the mountain cliffs, far from any human inhabitants. 
All in all, this is not the destination where you’d stumble upon many tourists, both due to the difficulty of the drive and the far distance from all main tourist attractions. Yet, this destination will surely leave one of the biggest impressions of Spain. 

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