There were also vendors cutting and frying some squid. While we waited for the squid to get ready, we explored some more!
With my day in Accra, Ghana winding to a close, my guides and I headed out on one of my most exotic street food adventures yet! Join us as we go on an exotic Ghana street food tour of Accra, Ghana at night!

As we continued on, we passed a DJ playing some music on the street. Everywhere, there were vendors flying different foods. We saw one frying plantains, the main ingredient in Killer Willy. The plantains are cubed, fried, and coated in pepper and other spices.
In another area with about 15 vendors, we found some smoked fish, grilled fish, and fried fish. They all looked really good! There were mountains of small, fried fish!
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As we approached our first vendor, I came across a spicy and exotic pork dish. The pork was both fatty and crunchy and contained lots of flavor. It was like a mix of fat and pork rinds and contained some bones. My guides said it was hot, but it wasn’t that spicy to me.
At the end of the market, we turned toward Oxford Street. There are lots of bars in this area. We passed another vendor selling killer willy and got some Guinness Foreign Stout and Club Lager at an open-air park. You can watch some TV there but it’s really dark.

The market is over 420 years old and is one of the most famous markets in Accra. It’s a popular spot to get food even after midnight!

Check out my VIDEO: Visiting a Chop Bar in Ghana!! West Africa Street Food + Attractions | Accra, Ghana

The squid strips were really tasty and tender. It wasn’t chewy like most squid and came with a spicy dipping sauce called shito. The squid didn’t have much spices on it but the thick, pasty shito sauce added a lot of flavor and heat. The spice snuck up on me!

We finished up with some grilled organs, including stomach and intestines. They were grilled with onions and coated with spices. The stomach was chewy and dense and the spices made it hot! He also sold some guinea fowl and beef!
What an awesome exotic Ghana street food tour of Osu Night Market in Accra, Ghana! Huge thanks to Isaac and Nii Laaye for bringing me on this epic street food adventure. I also want to thank my friends at OLMA Colonial Suites for hosting me during my time in Accra!
My evening would consist of a nighttime exploration of the Osu Night Market with Isaac from Jolinaiko Eco Tours and my other guide, Nii Laaye! It’s a 24-hour market, but the street food vendors are only there at night. You can find everything from banku to tilapia and much more!
It was super hot, right off the fryer. It was soft, like a maduro, and was really enjoyable! Then, we doubled back for the squid. It was about 7:30 in the evening and the market was getting more and more crowded.

From there, we bought a local favorite, corn porridge. It costs one cedi, or
I hope you liked coming with me on my exotic Ghana street food tour in Accra, Ghana. If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures around the world!
The stout is brewed in Kumasi and is 7.5% alcohol. It was delicious and felt maltier than other stouts I’ve had. Then, I tried the corn porridge, which was a little bitter with a sight sweetness to it. It’s also very filling. I really enjoy it and it coats your stomach, so it’s perfect if you’re eating spicy food.
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