Does It offer 24/7 Concierge Services?
Does the Property Offer Space and Privacy You Need?
The average accommodation costs in Mornington are around . Choosing a holiday accommodation property close to major towns and cities means you will have no issues finding everything from shops to restaurants. If you plan on spending your time at the beach, make sure there’s a coffee shop or restaurant within walking distance, as well as being able to hire surfboards and bikes if needed.
Mornington Peninsula welcomes around 4.5 million tourists every year. If you’re planning your next family vacation or a well-earned break, it’s important to consider where you will be staying. Holiday accommodation properties can range from beach houses to cabins and chalets. What do you need to look for in a holiday accommodation property?
Whether you want to sit outside at night and stargaze or just put up your feet and read a book, having an outdoor space can make all the difference to your holiday.
It’s important to get the right size for your group or family. For example, if you’re coming with your extended family or friends, a large holiday accommodation property will be perfect for accommodating everyone. However, if the guests are only two in number, you can even consider renting an apartment or studio with good amenities.
If the property is located in a dense area full of houses and other holiday accommodation properties, you might not have the privacy you need. Ensure there is a good amount of land and distance between the neighbors to give everyone personal space.
Check That Your Accommodation Is Child-Friendly
Is the Property Safe and Well-Secured?
Do you need access to public transport? Is the property close enough that guests can walk everywhere they need to go, or do you have cars that will require parking spots? Can you walk to the beach, mountains, or historical sites? Don’t forget that public transport can often be unreliable in some locations so make sure you check with your accommodation owner what is available.
If you’re looking for a holiday accommodation property that offers complete privacy and no contact with the outside world, perhaps staying in a cabin or chalet is your best option.
What Size Of Holiday Accommodation Do You Need?
When searching for a holiday accommodation property, make sure you pay attention to how many rooms and beds there are. If you plan on having more people for dinner or drinks every day, look for a property with space – otherwise, it may end up feeling overcrowded and uncomfortable.
What Type Of Holiday Accommodation Are You Looking For?
It’s important to remember that these properties will most likely be situated away from major towns and cities. If being close to major towns is important to you, a beach house or holiday cottage is the perfect holiday accommodation for your break away. Beach houses are located within minutes of shopping centers and restaurants so you won’t have any problems finding food, or supplies if needed.
Where Is The Property Located?
Has The Property Been Recently Renovated?
On the other hand, properties that may require a lot of renovation may be difficult to book, and you should check with the rental agency for this information.
It’s a good idea to check how recently a house has been renovated because older homes may not have all the facilities you want. For example, a refurbished kitchen with modern appliances and new bathrooms will provide a better living experience than one with outdated utensils and fixtures. 
What Facilities Do You Expect?
A holiday accommodation property is so much better if it comes with a garden or patio space. Patios and balconies come in all shapes and sizes, offering privacy and shelter from the elements.
A Mornington Peninsula accommodation property that offers laundry facilities and a swimming pool is perfect for groups or a large family looking to stay in one place during their break away. This way you won’t have any problems with dirty clothes and will be able to spend hours enjoying the pool and hot tub with your loved ones.
Mornington has pleasant temperatures of around 22 C during the summer. Some holiday accommodation properties have provisions for guests to go horse riding and fishing. If you enjoy such activities, make sure that the property caters to what you like. This way, you won’t end up at a place where fun activities aren’t offered or allowed.
If having access to Wi-Fi or unlimited internet is important to you, make sure this is offered at the property. It will also be beneficial if there’s a television and DVD player in every room. This way, you can curl up for hours on end with your favorite films and series.
What Activities Do You Enjoy?
Make sure the property is safe by checking for alarms and security cameras. Ask the owner or manager if there have been any break-ins or issues with theft. It’s also a good idea to inquire about neighborhood watch programs if you’re worried about staying somewhere that isn’t as safe as it should be.
When you’re looking for a holiday Mornington Peninsula accommodation property that is the right size, offers all of the amenities you need, and has been recently renovated, it can be hard to narrow down your search. However, with these tips, finding the perfect place will be simpler than ever.
Is There an Outdoor Space?        
When traveling with kids, you need comfortable accommodation. So, check if the holiday accommodation has enough beds for everyone. Are there cots and highchairs? Will your kids have enough space in the house?  It’s a good idea to check what sort of entertainment is offered in the house, such as board games and toys. For example, this will keep children entertained if it rains or they get bored after long days out at attractions.
You may want to consider choosing a holiday accommodation property that offers 24/7 concierge services. This ensures assistance at any time of day or night, which is particularly useful if you need help finding your way back after a night out on the town.
Here are the top tips on what you need to look for in a Mornington Peninsula accommodation property.

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