Matera, Amalfi, Cinque Terre, Mantua, Val di Non, Alberbello, Verona, Castelmezzano, Bologna – the list of places I’ve fallen in love with and recommend you to visit are never ending.
I’ve really missed Italy the last year – the culture, the cuisine, the cities, the communities which bring this country to life.
I miss getting lost amongst whitewashed villages and on Lakes dotted with colourful communes.
I miss exploring hill-top towns and fairy-tale castles.
I miss the mountains and of course I miss the food, but most of all I miss the Italian people.

But the passion of Italy isn’t just from what you can see there.
It’s what you can hear, taste and smell – Italy is as much a feeling as a place, that takes over all the sense.
It’s a country of laughter and love, served up with aperitivo.
Of delicious local dishes, and magical moments when you’re offered a seat at the family table.
A nation of artists and artisans, of musicians and museums,
Where history and heritage collide to provide so many wow moments.
Now, with a little more hope for the year ahead, I’m not just dreaming of returning to Italy, I’m starting to plan which part of this amazing country to explore next.
Since then, I’ve been lucky to get to know Italy so well.
From the jaw-dropping mountains in the north, where I drank Trento Doc with Chiara,
To the white-washed coastal villages of the South, where nanas patiently taught me how to make orecchiette.
Italy has given me memories which will last a lifetime, and what makes it my favourite country, is just how diverse it is.
I’ll never forget the first time I visited when I was younger with my Dad.
We went to Milan and I was just awe-struck by the architecture, the style, the life that just radiated from street-side cafes.
Dear Italy,
The last year has been unimaginable,
We’ve missed so many meals with friends and loved ones,
So many moments of laughter.
We’ve lost out on experiencing new things and exploring new places.
There are countless places I’ve fallen in love with over the years.
From the canals of Venice to the imposing history of Rome,
The mountain villages, to the metropolises.
The dazzling tiles of UNESCO sights, to the dashing cerulean shade of the mesmerising coast.
So this year we’ve all had to travel through our memories or photos,
and so many of my favourite travel memories are because of my favourite country,
Dear Italy,
Thank you for the memories and the friends you’ve given me,
Soon, we will be back to make even more memories, to see even more place,
But for now, we patiently wait for it, we wait for Italy
See you soon.

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