New Mexico’s best spots. 

Best Things To Do In Albuquerque
With around 15,000 prehistoric petroglyphs to see, you’re gonna be spoilt for choice!
Here, you’ll find a mix of galleries, cafes and little trinket spots that are too good to miss. 
Drop-in for the mural tour, learn about Pueblo Indian history as well as New Mexico history, soak in Native American pottery and ancient art, and watch traditional dance performances. It’s such a great way to learn more about Native American history and its importance. 

1.) Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Cave Trail in Albuquerque
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Afterwards, don’t forget to take a gander to the San Francisco de Asis Church that’s stood for centuries. It’s around a 15-minute drive from the Hlauuma and Hlaukwima Houses of Taos Pueblo and really easy to spot.  
Best Things To Do In Albuquerque
Ballon Fiesta October In Albuquerque
Afterwards, take a trip over to The Candy Lady for their homemade fudge that’s too delicious to miss. With caramels, chocolate, liquorice, toffee and brittle, The Candy Lady is an Albequeue gem! 
Best Things To Do In Albuquerque

2.) Petroglyph National Monument 

Best Things To Do In Albuquerque

4.) American International Rattlesnake Museum

Best Things To Do In Albuquerque

7.) Indian Pueblo Cultural Centre

Best Things To Do In Albuquerque

UNESCO Site near Albuquerque

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