Some cities in Florida are more expensive to live in, like Miami, but you can still find affordable housing in this part of the state. City living can be prohibitively expensive, but when you’re in Florida, it’s possible to live in a city without spending a fortune.

Florida Has No State Income Tax

It can be helpful to talk with other people that live in Florida so that you can get a better sense of what they spend on gas. This is a major expense, and if you forget to include it in your budget, you may not have an accurate picture of what it would cost to live in Florida.
If you’re considering a move to Florida, you may be wondering how much it would cost to live in the Sunshine State. Although the cost of living in Florida will vary based on the part of Florida, you choose to live in, and several factors make Florida an affordable place to call home.

Some Florida Cities Are Surprisingly Affordable

If you decide to move to Florida, it will be difficult for you to get around without a car. This is true even if you opt to live in a city. The overwhelming majority of Florida residents depend on their cars. Florida has fairly limited options when it comes to public transit.
The cost of gas and maintaining a car is an ongoing expense, and it’s something that could wind up increasing the total cost of living in Florida. If you already own a car, this may not have a big impact on you. However, if you currently get by without your vehicle, moving to Florida could have a big impact on your budget.

The Cost Of Groceries Is Below The National Average

With that said, utility costs in Florida tend to be less than the national average. If you choose to live in the Palm Coast area, however, you may wind up spending more. The cost for other utilities, like phone usage, tends to be in line with the national average.
Another expense to look at is the cost of entertainment. Florida is a popular destination for tourists, and there are many attractions in the area. Miami International Airport is a major airport with flights across the globe. Whether you choose to stay at home or travel elsewhere, living in Florida may allow you to vacation for less. You’ll also have plenty of affordable options when it comes to restaurants.

You Can’t Rely On Public Transit

There are many great reasons to move to Florida, but this isn’t a decision that you should make in a hurry. Instead, you should take a closer look at the cost of living in Florida before you decide what you want to do next.
Many types of produce are grown in Florida, which means you can get fresh food for less. Find out the average cost of groceries in your area and compare that against the average costs in Florida. See if moving to Florida could bring your food costs down.

Don’t Overlook Gas Costs

You’ll need to cover another ongoing expense regardless of where you live in the cost of food. Your grocery bill can vary wildly based on the part of the country that you’re in. Living in Florida could be an excellent way to bring these costs down. You’ll find that the cost of groceries here is less than the national average.
In addition to the costs listed above, there are several other costs you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re deciding whether or not you should move to Florida. One expense you might want to take a closer look at is healthcare costs. This can vary greatly based on the part of Florida that you choose to live in.

The Cost Of Utilities

The lack of state income tax could save you thousands or more each year. Look at what you’re paying in taxes right now, and try to get a better sense of how your tax burden would change if you chose to live in Florida.
How much will you spend on energy costs if you live in Florida? Because Florida has a humid climate and because the state has warm weather throughout the year, your air conditioner will likely get quite a bit of use. This is something that could cause your energy bills to increase.

Other Costs To Consider

You don’t necessarily have to stick to small towns or suburbs if you want to live in Florida. There are several cities in Florida with a lower-than-average cost of living. For example, Orlando is very affordable to live in, even though it’s a city with many amenities.
Not only will you need to drive to get around in Florida, but you could wind up spending quite a bit of money on gas. Florida doesn’t have state taxes, but it makes up for having some of the highest gas taxes in the United States. You’ll be spending quite a bit of money every time you fill up your tank.
One factor that makes Florida appealing to many people is that Florida residents will not have to pay state income tax. This can lead to substantial savings each year, especially if you’re currently located in an area that has higher taxes.

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