Storage is key when traveling, and GAMMA’s got it. This jacket has a total of 10 pockets on its exterior and interior, including 2 hidden pockets.
With GAMMA, all you need is one jacket to take you anywhere on the globe. From the windy Scottish Highlands to the peaks of The Alps to the humid Amazonian rainforests to India’s monsoons—GAMMA will keep you safe and comfortable.
GAMMA works differently than other heated jackets thanks to graphene. As soon as the heaters turn on, the heat will be evenly distributed throughout the jacket by the graphene lattice, guaranteeing even heating without sweaty hot spots.
How does GAMMA do it all? I’ll give you the details below. If you’re ready to experience what graphene clothing can do for travelers, head to GAMMA’s pre-order sale. Pre-order in the next few weeks and save over 0 on your GAMMA jacket.
You can choose from 3 heating settings to keep you warm in all sorts of weather. GAMMA can keep you comfortable in temperatures as low as -30˚C/-20˚F despite weighing as much as a hoodie.
Although, I admit that my favorite thing about it is how easy it is to pack! I used to haul around a jacket and a soft shell raincoat everywhere I went. They took up a lot of space in my bag and only prepared me for about 60% of the weather I came across.

Graphene Clothing: What Travelers Have Been Waiting For

These include a hood, rain hem, drawstrings, and fingerless gloves built right into the jacket.
GAMMA isn’t just an all-weather jacket. It’s also an all-climate jacket, meaning it can take you anywhere. This is why GAMMA was equipped with a bunch of active accessories you won’t find in other jackets.
These accessories ensure that GAMMA can keep your hands and head warm too, and they extend graphene’s waterproof and wind-proof protection so you can stay safe during all outdoor activities.
I can’t recommend GAMMA enough to frequent travelers. Though, you can wear it at home too. It looks great as a day-to-day jacket, and it’s built from ultra-strong graphene, so it will last for life.
But now, you can get your hands on the most advanced travel jacket ever made. It’s called GAMMA, and it gets its superpowers from a new material called graphene.

  • Comfort in any climate: Graphene adapts to your body like a second skin. It absorbs your body heat and transfers it evenly across its entire surface, keeping you warmer from your waist to your head to your fingertips.
  • Total waterproofing: No liquid can pass graphene’s barrier. This makes GAMMA 100% waterproof, no matter the weather. This also makes the jacket stain-proof.
  • Windproof and chill-proof: Graphene is so impermeable that it won’t even let gas pass through. So, no wind or chill is able to penetrate GAMMA’s barrier. This makes GAMMA the most effective windbreaker ever made.
  • Moisture-wicking: Perfect for sports and hiking, GAMMA will pull sweat from your skin and release it on the outside of the jacket to evaporate. This keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable even during strenuous activity
  • UV ray protection: Graphene repels UV light, unlike other light jackets. If you have sensitive skin, GAMMA will protect you from strong sunlight and burns.
  • Antibacterial: Bacteria and other microbes cannot survive on a graphene surface. NO matter what you get into, GAMMA will remain clean at all times. This also ensures GAMMA will never develop odors.
  • Hypoallergenic: Go ahead and hike through pollen, ivy, and more. GAMMA will keep allergens away from you, and it won’t allow them to hitch a ride back to your room or your tent.
  • Insect-repellent: Graphene prevents insects like mosquitoes from detecting your skin, making you virtually invisible to bugs without the need for chemical sprays.
  • Stronger than diamond: Graphene is the strongest material on the planet. This makes GAMMA practically indestructible. It can even stop a knife without taking damage.

More Travel-Friendly Features

Just look at everything graphene brings to GAMMA:

Built-in heaters

What if just one jacket could keep you warm, cool, dry, and safe from insects and bacteria—no matter where you were in the world and no matter what season it was?
Graphene alone is enough to give any piece of clothing some amazing powers. The makers of GAMMA went a step further by adding a few more features to enhance graphene’s abilities.
GAMMA is the most versatile jacket for travelers. It’s perfect for hot and cold weather, sports, going out, hiking, and a lot more. And the best part? It’s super light and flexible. It packs down to the size of a t-shirt, so you won’t have to waste space in your bag on multiple jackets.

Activewear accessories

When graphene is put into clothing, it can give lightweight clothes the strength and insulating properties of heavy jackets and sweaters. It also boosts the strength of clothing to near-indestructible levels, and it makes them waterproof, wind-proof, and UV-proof. 
GAMMA contains three built-in heating elements that you can switch on at the touch of a button. Just place a standard power bank in one of the jacket pockets, and you’ll be able to heat the jacket up to 50˚C/120˚F in a few minutes. This is how GAMMA keeps you warm in the coldest temperatures.
If you’re interested in traveling with GAMMA, you can get yours now for over 40% off right here. Don’t wait until travel season arrives to get yours. This price will only be available during the pre-order phase (a few more weeks).

Loads of pockets

Graphene is what makes GAMMA is such a remarkable jacket for travelers. But, what is graphene, anyway?
Graphene is a nanoparticle that was just discovered in 2004. Its discovery was so important that it won its discoverers a Nobel Prize!

GAMMA: One Jacket for Global Travel

It sounds impossible. And until a few months ago, it was.
GAMMA has lightened my load by almost 2 lbs AND left free space in my bag. To a frequent traveler, that’s a beautiful thing.

It’s got a place for your cash, documents, compass, phone, and more. And everything that goes inside GAMMA will be protected from light, heat, and moisture.

Graphene is the strongest, thinnest, and most flexible material known to man. It’s both an incredible insulator and conductor. It has so many applications that it seems to have superpowers. That’s what earned it the name “supreme” graphene.
Learn more about graphene and pre-order your GAMMA jacket at

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