Explore Iceland for an Unforgettable Honeymoon

Feel the Heat: By its very name, Iceland implies frigid escapades. But that’s not always the case. Iceland is a surprising theater of volcanic variety. Opt for an Icelandic Lava Show in the dreamy town of Vik, where you can see real-time molten lava mimicking the eruptive flow of the famous Eyjafjallajökull and Katla volcanoes.  If you and your beloved are more into pampering, feel the heat by submerging yourselves in one of Iceland’s famed saunas, such as found in the luxuriously steamy spa at the Blue Lagoon.
Water Wonders: Kick off your nuptials by admiring water wildlife on a grand whale-watching cruise in Reykjavik. Or simmer in the sumptuous hot springs at Hrunalaug near Flúðir. On the other hand, maybe you and your mate might prefer more stimulating water fun by snorkeling in Silfra for stunning underwater views of the sea life.  Whatever your fancies might be, Iceland is sure to cater to your water-centric needs.
Why Iceland is an Ideal Honeymoon Destination
As mentioned, Iceland is a host to magical adventures and mystifying experiences all year round. However, you should plan your honeymoon in Iceland depending upon your and your partner’s preferences. For example, if you want to celebrate your honeymoon while watching the dazzling Northern Lights, you’ll want to take your trip from late August through May.
These are just a few ideas to inspire you to experience sensational diversity and adventures in Iceland.  After you do a little research on your own, you’ll find that this Nordic island offers a wonderland of spectacular experiences, rich heritage, and remarkable excursions.  So go off the beaten path and visit Iceland for a honeymoon that both of you will remember long into your golden years of marriage.
When is a Good Time to Go Honeymooning in Iceland?
Ice Adventures: Iceland is a champion for chilling escapades.  The mountains of Skessuhorn are called “the Icelandic Matterhorn” and promise to provide you a sublime skiing experience. Or, opt to snowboard on fresh powder at Dalvík Ski Resort, less than two hours away from Akureyri.  With two lifts and almost 5 kilometers of tracks, you and your paramour will be in snowboarding heaven. Perhaps you might prefer piercing an ice pick in the naturally formed ice cave of Vatnajökull or spelunking in the man-made cave at the Langjökull glacier. Either location can provide you with ice cave tours, stupendous views, and unforgettable adventures.
Iceland is the perfect honeymoon location if you and your partner aren’t into traditional getaways and are more about experiencing cutting-edge adventures. Iceland offers all the amenities of conventional honeymoon destinations, all wrapped up in mind-boggling scenery in an awe-inspiring atmosphere.  If you want a honeymoon as unique as you and your partner, read on about how Iceland will make lasting memories and kick off your marriage in unconventional bliss.
If you and your partner are more into communing with nature, think about glamping in style at the Buubble 5 Million Star Hotel near Reyholt. Stay in a toasty, transparent, heated bubble, gaze upon the glorious forest scenery, or marvel at the twinkling stars for an exceptional honeymoon experience. 
As a couple, perhaps you two are craving a more rustic stay in Iceland. If this is the case, you might find the Iceblue Lodge B&B located on the edge of the ancient Grímsneshraun lava field as an answer to the call of all your nature-loving desires.  This brilliant B&B features a sauna and hot tub and is near some of Iceland’s most stunning national parks.  
Hailed as the land of fire and ice, the Nordic island of Iceland is a nation renowned for its exquisite geography studded with geysers, volcanoes, and hot springs. Nature paints breathtaking views on the canvas of Iceland, and its population of fewer than 400,000 residents will proudly boast about the bodacious beauty that abounds year-round.  Iceland is home to enchanting wildlife, enlightening museums and features a vibrant nightlife scene. Whether you’re into hiking, whale watching, or learning about Nordic mythology and lore, Iceland has something extraordinary to offer you and your partner during your stay.
From traditional B&Bs to 5-star hotels, Iceland can accommodate your every honeymoon necessity during your stay.  For deluxe lodging, check out the Canopy by Hilton in Reykjavik City Centre.  This Hilton is close to supreme shopping, fine dining, and fabulous cafes, so you can sip your cold brew while browsing world-class bookstores or snatching up souvenirs.
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Where to Stay in Iceland on a Honeymoon
Stuff to Do During Your Honeymoon in Iceland
There is no end to excitement and adventure while honeymooning in Iceland. This scenic Nordic island offers explosive excursions for thrill-seeking couples or calming retreats for the more mild-mannered newlyweds. Read on for a sampling of the vibrant enticements Iceland has to offer on your honeymoon.
Alternatively, you may want to honeymoon in Iceland during the winter months for smashing snow-centric adventures. Keep in mind that Iceland sees about five hours of daylight in midwinter while the sun shines 20 or more hours during the summer. So, be prepared for dramatic scenery and dynamic adventures no matter what time you pick to spend your honeymoon in Iceland.