The bottom line, if you’re a nature-loving, outdoorsy couple that also has an affinity for a touch of luxury, Charlottesville is a must consider on your list of possible wedding venues or honeymoons. There’s so much to do, from local breweries and wineries, historic lands and homes, upscale shopping, fine and casual dining, and more. You are sure to have the time of your life and an unforgettable experience.
Destination weddings are nothing new, and some people go all out traveling and paying to fly friends and family to far-off destinations, sparing no experience. But, you can have the same fantastic destination wedding here in the continental United States, avoiding the expense of international travel and the likelihood that more people will be able to attend your nuptials. For a long time now, American cities have become more and more known for being fabulous places to hold your American destination wedding. At the same time, most of them boast backdrops of palm trees and ocean views – Orlando, San Diego, and Miami top the lists. There are also plenty of other options if you’re looking for more mountain views and majestic backdrops.
The great thing about Charlottesville is its rich history. Thomas Jefferson’s touch is felt throughout town, especially in the architecture surrounding the university. You can even tour his home Monticello, which means “Little Mountain.” But, if you’re not a history buff, there’s plenty to see and do in town. Charlottesville also boasts the country’s longest pedestrian mall, the Downtown Mall, lined with charming boutiques, local restaurants, watering holes, and art galleries. Suppose you’re planning a wedding or honeymoon during the summer through fall. In that case, you can expect plenty of artisan sellers and performers as well as buskers along the mall, not to mention free concerts every Friday (Fridays After Five – where Dave Matthews Band got there to start).
The Sights
While some may opt for places like North Carolina or Atlanta to honeymoon, Virginia is another fantastic option to consider if you’re in the mid-Atlantic or south. Let’s take a look at a place that would have tons of beautiful wedding venue options, as well as honeymoon spots after your guests have gone home. And, they’re so beautiful, maybe your guests will stick around, and you’ll run into them in that post-wedding bliss sightseeing! Where is this idyllic place? Charlottesville, Virginia.
We all know that there’s nothing worse than having to worry about sticking to reservations during a trip when you’re having the time of your life—or traveling and having a tough time finding a place to eat that can accommodate possible dietary restrictions and lifestyle choices. Enter Charlottesville; aside from New York, New York, the city boasts more restaurants per capita than any other city in the US, and you’ll have plenty of options to choose from where you and your new spouse toast to your future.
As mentioned above, the sights of the majestic mountainous skylines are enough to leave anyone in awe, but they make a gorgeous backdrop for any wedding. A quick internet search will link you up with various estates, farms, or wineries popular wedding venues in Charlottesville. It won’t be long before you’ve found your dream spot and are then searching “travel bags for women” as you get ready for your small town destination wedding.
Nestled beneath the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains lies the small city of Charlottesville, Virginia. In the last decade, Charlottesville has been gaining traction as a popular place to tie the knot. With an abundance of wineries and historic estates (many of which offer themselves as available venues), you can’t help but marvel at the backdrop for your wedding. Imagine the sun setting on the Blue Ridge skyline as you say “I Do” or as the background in the photographs you’ll display and cherish forever.
The Food
So, whether you are holding your wedding in Charlottesville and staying for the honeymoon or just one or the other, you and your attendees will have no trouble finding places to enjoy a tasty, healthy bite. There is something for everyone when it comes to finding fresh, local, delicious food in town.
Charlottesville, being a university town – the University of Virginia is located there – has plenty of hotel accommodations as well as plenty of charming bed and breakfasts or AirBnbs to choose from. So, you’ll have no trouble finding accommodations for your guests to stay as well as yourself. One place to consider is The Clifton Inn. Not only can it accommodate you and your wedding attendees, but the inn’s restaurant also makes it a gorgeous, upscale, yet still laid-back place to hold a rehearsal dinner. The bottom line, you’ll have no trouble finding charming, luxurious, or standard accommodations for everyone!
The Accommodations

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