So if it’s your first time to hit the club with your girl gang — or even if it’s your first time partying in quite a while — here are the top first time clubbing tips that you MUST take note of!
Come and check out this list of the top nightlife spots!
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If the night ended very well for you that you can’t seem to get the words ‘epic‘ or ‘awesome‘ out of your system, then hooray for you!
So you and your gals are in the nightclub — now what?

Evidently, they were first-timers and all of their questions warrant carefully-thought answers. But recently, the questions have been increasing; so that’s when I thought… why don’t I just make a compilation of first time clubbing tips? And so, with my years of experience and learnings, here it is!

First things first: this article is obviously catered for the girls. I wouldn’t dare give tips to guys because clearly… I’m not one! Besides, I know they know what they’re doing and what their A-game is for the night. So I believe that my task here is to help prepare and protect the girls. This may seem like a joke but it’s not; I’m just going to try and be as honest as I could on this one because there’s no use in sugarcoating the clubbing scene.

Before the Party

I’m going to view the situation as though you and your girls just suddenly decided to go partying at a club — so yes, this isn’t about a private party at a club with your friends, because that setting is different from the actual club scene that’s full of strangers (but some of the first time clubbing tips below can still apply).

  1. Bring at least one trusted friend a.k.a. your buddy for the night!
    This is important, especially if it’s your first time clubbing. After all, the two of you will be watching each other’s back throughout the night; but of course, it’s also a given that you should watch out for yourself.
    • Do also inform another person (who is not going clubbing with you) about your whereabouts for the night.
  2. Get into a ‘guest list’.
    A “guest list” is a special promotion that clubs usually offer and it often provides benefits to those who have signed up for it — it can be for free entry (in most cases), discounts, or even free drinks. This is usually separate from general admission and though it does NOT guarantee entry, it can already grant you skip-the-line privileges.
    • How to find these guest lists? Apart from being connected with the right people or club promoter, a simple Google or social media search can lead you to a club’s guest list. You can also just call the club or your hotel concierge for details. Once you do get to sign up for one, please be mindful of their requirements (e.g. the dress code, early arrival, etc.)
  3. Reserve a table — or not. Either is fine.
    If you’ve got the money to spare, if you love your feet, and if there are a lot of you in your girl gang, then yes, get one (sometimes, a club offers promo packages for big groups). But if there aren’t a lot of you and you’re just there to dance (especially since you’ve already done ‘pre-drinks’ — more on this later) then there’s no need for a table. In fact, as the night goes on, you might meet new people who will invite you to their table!
    • Take note though that reserving a table comes at a premium price and most clubs would require you to order drinks or liquor bottles for a set minimum amount. Most of these will seem overpriced but sometimes, if there are a lot of you in the group, the total cost can be economical.
  4. Dress smart.
    With today’s time, we’re all so fashion-conscious so I’m sure you know what you should wear and what you should not at a party. Though if I may note, you might be tempted to wear those killer high heels to complete your outfit — but do also think about whether you can handle it after a night of full-on dancing. In fact, some people would opt for flats if not sneakers; however, take note of the club’s dress code since if it’s a high-end one, sneakers won’t make the cut.
    • Most clubs will have a page on their website stating the dress code. Usually, the number 1 rule is for both males and females to NOT wear slippers… but hey, who the heck would even think of wearing such to a club? (Unless it’s a beach nightclub.)
    • Your best bet is to wear a dress or pants, paired with low heels or wedges, if not flats. Even better if it’s a pair that you last longest with. And remember: there’s a fine line between sexy and skanky—but if skanky is what you’re after, then… sure, be my guest.
  5. Apply the right make-up.
    As the night goes on, you will most likely be sweating from dancing and the nightclub will even be super packed! One of my top first time clubbing tips? If you can’t go with a bare face, then try to use waterproof makeup or basically any makeup that can last long.
  6. Pack only the essentials.
    • ID: Don’t even think of leaving your ID because it’s going to be a hassle. There are times where they’ll still let you in — after lots of embarrassing pleading, drama-making, and money giving — but it’s best to avoid that. And if you’re not 18 yet, please just… don’t go. I know that some of you might be tempted to get a fake ID but I advise you against it.
    • Credit or Debit Cards: You do not want to fumble with cash paper or coins while you’re in a nightclub.
    • Phone: Some first-timers have asked me if they can bring their DSLR cameras to the club and unless it’s warranted, I advise you not to. After all, most clubs don’t allow those in, and you can’t really leave it anywhere. Plus, are you really planning on being the cameraman of your friends for the remainder of the night? Go and have some fun too!
    • Few toiletries: Don’t bring all of your makeup gear! Just pack the essentials when you need to touch up like eyeliner, lipstick, and oil blotting paper. Try to also bring a small pack of tissues because those tend to run out in club toilets.
    • Other essentials: Don’t forget your house keys! And if your purse can handle it, consider packing a portable charger in case your phone battery starts to run low and you need to book a ride home or contact someone.
    • Purse: Pack a small and secure purse that you can strap to your body.
  7. Set a regroup time and location.
    As early as now, set a time and location for you and your friend(s) to regroup when it’s time to leave the club. Besides, there is a high chance that you will lose each other amidst the throng of people, and calling one another might prove to be futile because of how loud the scene can be.
  8. Set signals.
    Try to establish a certain signal that you and your friend(s) can use as a sign to say, for instance, that you need help getting away from a guy while dancing so that they can swoop in and rescue you, etc.
  9. Do pregaming.
    Also known as predrinking or preloading, this is the act of drinking prior to going out. This is highly advised especially if you don’t want to spend money on expensive club drinks — but of course, this doesn’t mean that you should already go all out and get wasted. If you really want to drink for the night, drink only a few glasses (or a glass if you’re a lightweight). Basically, just enough to get you a tiny bit tipsy.
    • IMPORTANT: Do NOT drink on an empty stomach. It’s said that a greasier your meal is, the better it will help you manage your liquor because it will line your stomach with fat, thus slowing down the rate of alcohol absorption.
    • Sometimes, my friends and I listen to party music beforehand so when we arrive at the nightclub, we’re all so ready to just storm in and get it on! This part, the anticipation for the partying, is half the fun!
  10. Relax.
    Sure, there might be some shady individuals in that club who are looking into taking advantage of you (you’ll never know), but you can and always take control of the situation as long as you’re mindful. So don’t get too nervous, it’s just a fun place like any other — but don’t expect too much either. Clubs really are just loud places that are crowded and hot. Most of the time, the music would suck too. So aside from imagining that you’re actually going to have fun there, you should also lower your expectations.
    • But in my case, I think the ‘loud and crowded’ part is another fun thing about clubs. You can really see that everyone is on the same level as you and are just looking for a good time in such an environment.
  11. Don’t drive.
    The best option is to have someone else drop and fetch you at the venue, and this ‘someone’ must NOT be with you at that party. Why? Because by the end of the night, all of you are going to range from tipsy or wasted, to knocked-out.
    • Otherwise, consider using car apps like Uber or Grab.

Best nightlife activites in your city?

During the Party

Best nightlife activites in your city?

After the Party

  1. Be safe. Keep safe.
    In all aspects.
  2. A repeat reminder: do NOT drive.
    Call your designated driver or book that rideshare Uber/Grab ride.
  3. Don’t expect anything more from any guy that you might have met that night.
    They’ve said romantic things to you, they were so sweet and the night totally became magical because of them. Good for you, missy. You got it going! Give yourself a pat on the back. But you know what? Let me tell you this: that was mostly done in an effort to woo you into kissing them or even into leaving with them. Dear, it’s the club scene. The guys are in there for the same reason why you wanted to be there too: to have a good time. Their intentions are just often a bit more advanced than your concept of a ‘good time’ (unless of course, it is what you were after). Of course, there are cases that good relationships have flourished from chance meetings in places like nightclubs. But they’re very rare. So just… be careful. Most people don’t meet their prince charming in clubs (…or do they?).
  4. Manage your hangover the next day.
    I did say that you should try to stay sober for as much as you can, but chances are, you still ended up wasted at the end of the night and now you’re here trying to wade through regret and a painful headache. It can take hours for that hangover to subside, but here are some tips to help you recover faster:
    • Drink a LOT of water before heading to bed.
    • Drink a LOT of water after you wake up. Stock up on isotonic drinks too like Gatorade to help replace sugars and salt in your body, as well as rehydrate you.
    • Take a cold shower. It will help you feel a bit more refreshed.
    • EAT. I know it might be the last thing you want to do now that you feel like sh*t, but it’s important for your recovery. If you can’t down a meal, try to eat some toast, bagels, or crackers, or even a banana.
    • If you’re going out for the day, don’t forget to wear some sunglasses. When you’re suffering from a hangover, you’re hypersensitive to bright lights so this will help manage that.
    • Pop an aspirin to manage your headache. Avoid acetaminophen such as Tylenol as well as ibuprofen because these don’t mix well with alcohol and can even cause irritation to your stomach and liver.

To be clear, I’m talking about a club where’s there’s a dance floor, a DJ, an in-house bar, and a crowd looking for a night of dancing as well as a good time — a.k.a. a nightclub. (First Time Clubbing Tips)

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I’m glad to know that you had fun and that these first time clubbing tips have helped.
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Now, I’m not what you would call a ‘party animal’, but I often go out with new and old friends alike to nightclubs. Because of this, I often get messages not only from friends but even from strangers who ask about what they should do, what they should wear, what they should drink, what they should know about the nightlife, etc.
So don’t be afraid to try partying again, okay? It’s better to enjoy it while we’re still young and able to. Besidse, as we age on, the magic of clubbing will or most probably rub off (I mean, at this point in my life, it has already rubbed off on me!).

Now, there you have it. I hope this post of first time clubbing tips have helped. If you gals got more to add or if you have something to say, then fire away at the comments box below. I’d really appreciate it if we could throw back ideas about this! Party up, people!

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