The eligible cards are:
Supplementary cardholders of the above cards are also allowed BUT only if you are an immediate family member (spouse, child, parent).
Therefore, to avail of this promo you just need to submit the standard requirements in either section (A) or (B) (as dependent on your situation) plus these: the qualified BDO or BPI credit card, photocopy of said credit card, and latest original credit card account statement.

The South Korean Embassy only issues multiple-entry visas under certain conditions. Currently, there are 2 ways to avail this….

UPDATE 2022: According to the South Korean Embassy, BPI & BDO promos are currently not applicable for Korean Visa application until further notice.

  • BDO Gold Cardholders will get a multiple-entry visa valid for 3 years: Gold Visa Credit Card, Gold MasterCard Credit Card, Gold UnionPay Credit Card, Gold JCB Credit Card
  • BDO Elite Cardholders will get a multiple-entry visa valid for 3 to 5 years: Platinum Visa Credit Card, Titanium/Platinum, and World Elite MasterCard Credit Card, Gold/Platinum/Cathay Pacific and American Express Charge Cards issued by BDO, Diamond UnionPay Credit Card, Diners Club Premiere
  • (To be Confirmed or TBC) BPI Gold Master Cardholders will get a multiple-entry visa valid for 3 years: BPI SkyMiles Platinum Master Card
  • (TBC) BPI Amore Visa Platinum cardholders will get a multiple-entry visa valid for 3 to 5 years.
  • (TBC) Gold BPI Express Teller Debit Cardholders will get a multiple-entry visa to Korea valid for 3 to 5 years.

FIRST, by being a frequent South Korea traveler. Basically, it is said that if you have visited South Korea more than 4 times in the past 2 years OR if you have visited South Korea more than 10 times in total (with at least 1 of the visits done within the past 2 years), then you are suitable for a multiple-entry application. (For more details, see here).
Take note that if you receive your credit card statements through email, you should visit the bank to acquire the original copy of the statement. A printed copy of the emailed account statement will NOT be accepted. And yes, you can blur out or hide the numbers on your credit card photocopy when submitting.
SECONDvia the BDO/BPI promo. Basically, the embassy has implemented a promotion wherein eligible BDO and BPI credit cardholders can acquire multiple-entry visas when they apply for a South Korean visa (along with this, they will also be exempted from submitting a bank certificate and ITR). However, take note that this does not mean that you are automatically issued a multiple-entry visa. Of course, issuance is still subject to the embassy’s decision upon reviewing your whole application.

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