Singapore Travel Guide
Singapore is a city I’ve visited countless times on stopovers when I lived in the Pacific, and I love it! It’s futuristic, exciting and inventive, while also holding its heritage in high regard. Bangkok is another city that holds countless attractions, from religious sights to sky-high bars, and somewhere I wish I had spent more time visiting.

2. Enjoy a luxury journey from Bangkok to Singapore

Singapore Travel Guide
Once in Bangkok, one of the worlds busiest and most fascinating capitals awaits. Enjoy cooking classes, river sailings, vast temples, ancient stilt-homes, and all the fantastic Thai cuisine that you can squeeze into your stay.
Over the next two nights, onboard the Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express you’ll be pampered, from Afternoon Tea in the cabins to the evenings spent wining and dining in the restaurant and bar car – the lush landscapes of Malaysia passing you by through the window. Stops can sometimes be made on the train when pre-booked and depending on the route, whether to hike amongst the greenery, visit rural villages, or you can break the trip in two by also combining a visit to the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.
Futurist trees in Singapore
With a flight between the two-cities being a quick hop, taking the train between Singapore and Bangkok is all about the journey. The Eastern & Oriental Express trains transport you back to the ‘golden era’ of train travel. Think mahogany woodwork, mood-lit carriages by lamps, and fine-dining rooms with all the silverware, there’s even a piano bar on board!

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