Avalon Castle is situated in cockatoo victoria. It is designed in a beautiful scale-like theme. It would be suitable for anyone who desires a fairy tale wedding. Its walls are covered in gorgeous ivy, and its gardens are well kept and manicured. Therefore, it will produce beautiful wedding photos due to the beautiful backdrop.
This wedding venue is situated six kilometers from CBD. It is a convenient venue for a couple that does not want to transport their guests to the inners of Melbourne. It allows rural and central locations to collide. Additionally, it provides multiple spaces, with each space well-curated with designs. Finally, It also provides accents of greenery.

  1. The Whitestone

The whitestone is located in a  faraway land and situated in 360 secluded acres along the shores of watts bar lake. The whitestone is a jaw-dropping venue with red carpets, velvet walls, and glossy white walls. It has an extravagant garden that is perfectly manicured. Everything about whitestone screams elegance. It bespoke a beautiful and peaceful backdrop for your wedding. Further one requires to transport their guest for quite a distance. Thus you may consider hiring a bus or minibus for smaller groups at bus hire Melbourne or mini bus hire for smaller groups.

  1. The Langham, Melbourne

It is situated at Victoria wattle park. The chalet is a heritage site situated on 137 acres of land with beautiful grounds inclusive of a private garden used for photography or the ceremony. It is a venue fit for individuals who are into vintage styles.

  1. Eureka 89

Sealife aquarium is situated at the heart of Melbourne. This setting is for ocean lovers who don’t want to miss the beauty of the aquarium as they exchange their vows.  It provides a complete view of the ocean life in the fisheries or watching the penguins play.

  1. Blanchet winery

The Blanchet winery is one of the vineyards in Yarra valley. It has a charm & quaintness all of its own. It provides produced wines for guests and wines to complement the french-inspired menu.

  1. Watte park chalet survey hills

It is situated at the new quay docklands. It is close to the CBD hence convenient for people wanting to remain in CBD.  This venue provides beautiful sceneries of the waterfront ad a laid back and sophisticated atmosphere.

  1. Avalon castle

Eureka 89 is situated at the peak of Melbourne, Eureka tower. It has panoramic views at the top of Melbourne and the Yarra River. The 88th  scenery is dumbfounding as it showcases the views of the city the beautiful sky views. It provides a beautiful ambiance to its guests.

  1. Gather and Tailer

 Langman Melbourne is a wedding venue that screams luxury and elegance. It bespoke a classical style that everybody admired, including the old and the new. They ensure precision at everything, and their weddings exhibit romance and elegance.

  1. The Wool Mill

A wedding venue creates the perfect atmosphere for your guests. The theme of your venue decides the mood of the guests. For instance, a posh wedding will require a classic hotel and will set the wedding for the wedding. Additionally, while choosing the wedding venue, one should consider the photography nd consider photogenic venues. Therefore it is important to have venues as the priority when planning a wedding.

  1. Sealife, Melbourne Aquarium

The wool mill is nestled in the suburban streets of Brunswick east. The venue awaits down a festoon-like laneway. The venue provides multiple spaces that can be used seamlessly. For instance, some are separated by drapes from the ceiling to the floor. These drapes provide a bold and luxe finish. Space has a perfect blank canvas that will seamlessly link with your wedding color palates.

  1. All smiles waterfront

Here are some of the great venues around Melbourne.

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