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Verona View
The best way to travel to Lake Garda from Verona is to take the train from Verona’s Porta Nuova station to either Peschiera del Garda or Desenzano on the south of Lake Garda. The journey takes as little as 15-20 minutes. From Desenzano you can also catch a 30 minute bus to Sirmione, one of the most popular towns on Lake Garda.
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The Verona Card is the official city pass for Verona which allows access to the city’s top museums and monuments. You can buy the 24 hour card for €20 and 48 hours for €25. The pass includes access to Juliets House and balcony, Verona Arena, Torre dei Lamberti, Museo di Castelvecchio and much more, so if you’re planning to visit several of these attractions and only have a day or two in the city then the card is certainly worth purchasing.
Piazza delle Erbe – A more traditional piazza where you’re likely to find the locals eating an al fresco lunch or enjoying an Aperol spritz of an evening. With a name which translates as ‘Market’s square’, this is also where you’ll find Verona’s daily open-air market selling a range of clothes, tourist souvenirs and traditional Venetian masks, as well as flowers and fresh fruit and veg.
Four of the most important churches worth visiting in Verona are:
By train: It’s takes the same time by train as it does by road and costs just short of €10 per person each way. The train from Verona to Venice is direct and the train station is located within the centre of each city.I suggest taking the Frecciarossa which is the fast train. You can find out more and book tickets on the Trainline website. 
How to do it: Torre dei Lamberti is located in Piazza delle Erbe, however, the entrance to climb the tower can be found down a side street called Via della Costa. A full-price ticket to the tower is €8 (or reduced rate of €5 on Mondays) which can be purchased at the entrance.
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The open-air arena is currently best known as Verona’s opera venue, with a series of live operas taking place throughout the summer months. Over the years, shows at the arena have featured many of the world’s most notable opera singers. 

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As well as its classic operas, Verona Arena also plays host to live concerts by large international artists, including the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Sting, Whitney Houston, Mumford & Sons, Adele, One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer and many more. In fact, the photo above was taken the day after Elton John played at the arena (hence the elaborate set up).
On the north bank of the Adige river which circles much of Verona, you’ll find the Funicolare di Castel San Pietro, a funicular railway which runs up to Castel San Pietro, a medieval fortress was built in 1398.
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Want more Romeo and Juliet? Other Romeo and Juliet sites in Verona include Romeos House, just around the corner from Juliets, and Juliets Tomb which can be visited as part of the Museum of the Frescos of Giovanni Battista Cavalcaselle.
How to do it: Return tickets for the funicular can be purchased on arrival at the bottom of the hill and costs €2 per adult and €1 per child. The 159-metre journey takes around 90 seconds.
Verona View
Italian Phrasebook by Penguin (pic above) – this is one good looking (paperback) book. I learned extra Italian words just because I wanted to have it on show in cafes (I know, I know). I think the locals were impressed too. Or maybe they were laughing at my mangled Italian. Either way, it’s one of my favourite travel books for Venice – here it is on Amazon.
Castelvecchio Verona
How to do it: A full-price ticket for Museo di Castelvecchio is just €6 and can be brought at the entrance. Admission is free with the Verona card.
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Getting from Verona to Venice is very simple. Here are your best options:
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