But if you’re more in the mood for dessert, never fear. Their hazelnut chocolate oreo naan is like a decadent dessert pizza you’ll get in Rome! It’s topped with a Nutella-like chocolate and hazelnut spread, and the Oreo cookie pieces inside are beyond amazing. Whatever you order, go there with an appetite!

The number of incredible dishes available in Karachi is seemingly never-ending. I ate dozens of incredible dishes during my time in the city, but one I highly recommend is dahi baray. Also known as dahi bhalla or dahi vada, this dish consists of fried lentil balls served in sweet yogurt with crispy, fried dough on top.
Super Foods & Biryani Center
Empress Market Saddar
You can also try savory potatoes and vegetables, as well as grilled chilies. Pair the carrots, zucchini, and asparagus with the meat dishes for a meaty and fresh bite with some naan. Don’t forget to wash it all down with their pure, fresh apple juice. It’s the perfect way to cap off your meal!

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+92 300 8150831

Quetta Alamgir Hotel

As you explore the streets of Karachi, you may come across a number of cooks preparing and stacking a massive number of fluffy, pancake-like egg patties on the edge of a grill. The egg patties are for a dish called bun kababs, which is a small sandwich consisting of kebab meat, egg, onions, and green chili chutney inside a white bun.
Sadiq Heights, 108/3 Alamgir Road
Frere Hall

Alamgir Rd, Delhi Mercantile Society

4, Plot Number SB
3rd St D.H.A Phase 6 Rahat Commercial Area 

The puris puff up and cook in just ten to fifteen seconds. They’re flaky and soft, as opposed to the crispier puris many people may be used to. The texture works well for this variation, which combines the sweet halwa, savory chana and aloo, and sour achar.

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Shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi
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The bun kababs are essentially slider-like breakfast sandwiches. The crispy and airy bun, coupled with the fluffy eggs, and the kick of heat from the chutney is outstanding. If you wish, you can add more onions and chutney, which are provided on the side. The onions add a nice touch of acidity and help bring the whole dish together! Having one is another thing you must do in Karachi, Pakistan!

Quetta Alamgir Hotel
Ghazi was a descendent of the prophet Mohammed and visited the area to spread Islam. After being killed by his enemies in the interior of the Sindh Province, Ghazi’s devotees buried him on a hill near Clifton Beach. The present-day shrine, the most visited in the country, was built around his grave 1,000 years later.

I suggest trying the puri with each dish separately and then start mixing and matching to see which combinations you enjoy the most. They were all extremely tasty, but the halwa was a step above the others. It’s one of my favorite sweets on Earth, and having some is one of the best things to do in Karachi, Pakistan.

Check out my VIDEO: 7-Hour Pakistani Street Food Tour!! Haleem, Dahi Baray & Gappa Ghotala in Karachi, Pakistan

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Clifton Beach isn’t the only point of interest along Karachi’s Arabian Sea coast. There, you’ll also find Karachi Fish Harbour, the largest fish market in the city. Roughly 90% of the seafood and exports in Pakistan pass through this bustling, chaotic seaside marketplace.
Frere Hall was built in the Venetian-Gothic architectural style, but blends elements of local and British architecture. It was initially was built to serve as the town hall, but it now operates as a library and exhibition space. The library inside, Liaquat National Library, is one of the largest in Karachi. It’s home to over 70,000 books, including rare manuscripts.
I ate this dish multiple times over my twelve days in Pakistan, and one of my favorites was at Dilpasand Sweets, Bakers & Nimkoz in Karachi. Just watching the puris be prepared is a spectacle—roughly a dozen guys flatten the puri dough and toss them into a huge vat of bubbling oil, one after another!

If you get hungry while you’re out exploring the Clifton neighborhood, stop inside Mirchili. This popular chain has several locations in the city and sells a number of snack food favorites. My guide Furqan took me there specifically to try their gappa ghotala, which is a giant, crispy puri stuffed with lentils, chickpeas, yogurt, cilantro, three different chutneys, and crispy noodles called sev.
This bustling, old-school bazaar resides in a large, beautiful British-style building and dates back to 1889. There, you’ll find vendors selling vegetables, fruits, spices, chilies, pickled achar, clothing, cooking oils, children’s toys, and much more.
Sindh, Pakistan
Sindh, Pakistan


Trust me, Karachi Fish Harbour is a must for any foodie. It’s one of the best things you can do in Karachi, Pakistan, and is one of the best places to have a true local experience!
Saddar Civil Lines

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