We started with some oysters and hearts of palm, which are so crunchy and moist. Then, we got some picanha, chorizo, mushrooms, carrots, and cucumbers. The waiters come to your table with the meat, and you can let them know if you want it or not.
Inside, it reminded me of an American steakhouse. On the wall is a mural of Bossa Nova musicians. There’s a minibar and a dining room in the front. In the back is the kitchen, where we saw some premium cuts of meat like ancho, picanha, beef sashimi, lamb ribs, and more!
I tried some beef sashimi, which was super hot but juicy and tasty. Smelling all the cooking meat was making me salivate! I couldn’t wait to eat! Back at our table, we had some sparkling water with lime juice. It was so refreshing! There were lots of options. Their buffet wasn’t out because of COVID, but we could still order from their buffet menu.

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My evening started at Churrascaria Palace, a steakhouse in the Copacabana Beach area, with Guilherme and Rafa from Rio4Fun and Rio4Food. It dates back to 1951 and is the best place in town to eat meat and foods from all over Brazil!
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As my first day in Rio de Janeiro came to a close, I headed out to have some authentic Brazilian barbecue! Join me as I dine at a 70-year-old Brazilian rodizio steakhouse, complete with 14 different meats, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Check out the VIDEO: Brazilian Steakhouse Experience!! Picanha, Lamb Chops & Chicken Hearts | São Paulo, Brazil

Then, we ended with dessert: papaya with liquor for Guilherme and lingua de gato for me! The lingua de gato, or cat’s tongue, is made of chocolate bars and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, drizzled with chocolate syrup. I was the perfect way to end the meal. Guilherme’s dessert was like a smooth papaya yogurt!
My last piece of meat was some top sirloin duck. I was so full! It was unique and not my favorite but still good!
What an incredible trip to a Brazilian rodizio steakhouse in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! Huge thanks to Rafa and Guilherme for taking me to Churrascaria Palace. I also must thank my friends at Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro by Intercity for hosting us during our time in the city!

The picanha was high-quality and medium rare. Then, we moved on to some skirt steak and prime rib, which were excellent. The sausage was smoky and tasty, and the lamb chops were local. The Argentine cuts were my favorites! They were bloody and fatty and full of flavor.
Where have you been?

The meat is so salty, you need to drink a lot of water with it. I also had some fried banana, which was excellent! It was almost like a dessert. Next were roasted hearts of palm and leg of lamb. The meat was full of flavor because it came from right off the bone. After a quick break, we went for the ancho steak from Uruguay and the beef ribs, which fell apart in my mouth!

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