It is essential to have a dialogue with your children and to define play times with them, respecting a few imperatives: enact clear rules, ensure that they are well understood by the child and stick to them.
Here are a few examples (frightened 5e) :
Video games are an activity like any other and obviously are not a substitute for adult attention. In other words, video games are not a nanny to (un) leave your child with.
In order to interrupt the game in the best possible way, it can be useful to take an interest in and understand how the child is playing. It is therefore a good idea to do this after a save or at the end of a game when it is an online game. Take the time to understand what your child is doing to help them manage their play slots. In addition, children will appreciate that you are interested in their passion, which will simplify your discussions.
♦ Practical advice

  • Playing video games affects the amount of time you sleep.
  • When he plays, the child is systematically annoyed.
  • We must systematically negotiate the stoppage of the game.
  • Children abandon all other activities (sport, reading, television, etc.).
  • Their academic results are affected.
  • There is an alteration in family and social ties (even if many games can be discovered today online with friends).

There are certain signs that should alert parents that their children are playing video games for too long.
How to avoid overflows?
Using parental controls can help you regulate your children’s play time. Most of these tools allow you to set the duration from day to day. A simple way to ensure that your children respect the time slots allocated to video gamesClassic Cast Bars.
Watch out for automatic game shutdown tools
When the defined playing time is over, avoid leaving tablets and smartphones available to your children, which can be so tempting to discreetly resume a game.
Be careful, however, the systems that automatically interrupt the games can generate stress and frustration in the child if the latter could not save his progress before the cut or if he had to leave the game feeling ‘having “let down” his online playmates. It is therefore preferable to favor dialogue and empower children.

Like all activities, overindulging in video games is not a good thing. It is therefore important to supervise children’s play time.
Strictly speaking, there is no time limit that should not be exceeded. It is up to the parents, in view of the child’s age, sensitivity, maturity and available time, to define reasonable time slots.

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