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They have to protect the chickens from the local predators, which range from pythons to foxes to possums. Juan uses an electric fence to protect them from predators like pythons. They had to kill a python the previous week!
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We’d be trying their grass-fed Florida cracker beef, which is completely organic. They’re purebred cracker cattle descended from the original cattle brought over by Ponce de Leon.
The loin was also very tender. I couldn’t get over how tasty and juicy it was. It had my mouth watering and tasted incredibly fresh and organic. This is how barbecue should always be! You can’t beat fresh, ethically-grown organic meat!

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Next, we saw the egg-laying coop, which they move every two weeks. They collect the eggs every day. Juan and I both drank a fresh egg followed by some Florida kombucha infused with orange, vanilla, and oak age.

They had some shoulder on a skewer, as well as chicken stuffed with salt and garlic cloves. While the food cooked, I got to see their organic chicken feed. Juan created the farm after having his son and wanting healthier options for his family.
Finally, the beef and chicken were ready for us! The beef shoulder was incredibly tender and perfectly salted. The char on the outside was excellent. It was different from the slow-cooked fogo de chao style I had in Curitiba, Brazil, but was still very juicy!

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Their pasture-raised meat chickens are moved to fresh grass every day. It’s a sustainable and regenerative system. I’d never seen this system before! These chickens aren’t on any antibiotics or steroids. They’re omnivores, so they eat anything from bugs to grass.

I’d be visiting Sol City Farms just outside of Doral. This is real ecotourism in south Florida! This farm first opened in 2018 and proudly uses organic and sustainable practices to raise their chicken, beef, and more.
If you’ve followed my videos for a while, you’ll probably know that I’m a big fan of visiting sustainable farms and trying farm-to-table food. The good thing is, I don’t even have to travel to experience them! Join me as I experience sustainable farm life and enjoy Venezuelan BBQ in Doral, Florida!
I met Matheus, who would be taking me on a tour of the farm. You can order your own eggs online and then pick them up at the farm on Saturdays! After driving a bit more into the farm, I met Juan, who would be cooking our barbecue.
The farm’s owner is Brazilian, but Doral has the biggest Venezuelan population outside of Venezuela. And because my parents were born in Venezuela, it made perfect sense for them to prepare a Venezuelan barbecue feast for me!

Then, after stuffing myself, Tammy let me pick some eggs to take home with me!
Where have you been?

After devouring the loin, it was time to eat the chicken, which was so juicy and tender, it was falling off the bone. The wings were excellent! The meat was also unreal. I couldn’t get enough of it!

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