This was the ultimate Pakistan haircut experience in Karachi! I highly recommend getting one the next time you find yourself in the country. They’ll treat you like a king and you’ll feel much more relaxed afterward. Big shoutout to the people at King’s Hair Dresser for taking such good care of me!
I was in heaven! It felt so good! Then, he even massaged my arms and my hands! After that, he got my eyebrows as well! It was unbelievably relaxing and the whole thing only cost me 300 rupees, or roughly .94 USD. It’s an unreal bargain!

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Haircut experiences in this part of the world are legendary. Like in India, haircut experiences don’t just consist of a simple, standard haircut. Instead, the barbers truly pamper you. They cut your hair, shave your beard, and give you a wash.
Where have you been?
Then, my barber added oil to my head and started on the massage. He used his fingertips to get deep into my skull and the back of my neck. Then, he moved on to my shoulders and my back.
Then, he proceeded to shave my head. With the fans going in the shop, my head felt amazing! It only took about 3 minutes!
This would be my first ever Pakistani haircut! For the experience, I headed to King’s Hair Dresser in the center of Karachi, near Empress Market, with my guide Furqan from Manaky. After two days of non-stop exploring and eating, my back was killing me, so I was excited to get started.
Even though I’m balding, I could still enjoy the experience! The barber started off with a head massage and then sprayed my head with water, before applying some shaving cream.

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One of my favorite things to do when I travel to South Asia is to get a haircut. Getting a haircut in this part of the world is a true experience that everyone should have. Come with me as I have the ultimate Pakistan haircut experience, including a full shave and head massage, in Karachi, Pakistan!
But then, they take it to the next level by giving you a head, neck, and shoulder massage for the ages! It’s the best way to relax.

Then, outside, my guide Furqan and I found a vendor selling strawberries. They were super fresh and sweet! There were also vendors selling other vegetables.

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