Pani puri originated in the Indian state of Maharashtra, which is where I first tried it at Elco Restaurant in Mumbai back in February of 2018. I fell in love with it then, and it has been my favorite Indian street food ever since! Now, I seek it out every time I visit South Asia!
In addition to potatoes, the aloo filling can also contain chickpeas, chilies, and other vegetables. The vendor may then add different chutneys like tamarind or mint, and then add the pani, which is a spiced water that can be minty, spicy, or both!

Since then, I have had pani puri dozens of times, and I’ve even done multiple pani puri challenges against both myself and against friends!

My food adventures in the city of Karachi, Pakistan continued with a very special Pakistani street food challenge! Join me as I take on a couple of friends in the ultimate pani puri challenge in Karachi, Pakistan!
We’d be doing this challenge with some help from our friend Alizeh, also from Manaky, who set everything up for us. We even skipped breakfast so our stomachs would be nice and empty so we could eat more than usual!

Check out my VIDEO: The Ultimate Pani Puri Challenge!! Indian Street Food in Miami, Florida

You can find pani puri throughout South Asia under various names, including golgappa, puchka, and fushka, in countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.
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Most recently, I’ve taken on my friend Carlos from Volpe, Where Are You on the streets of Kolkata, and my friends Chad and Joy from Follow Me, I’m A Foodie. 
Wow! This really was the ultimate pani puri challenge in Pakistan! I have to give a huge thanks to my friends at Manaky for setting everything up, and Furqan and Shehroze for being good sports and joining me on this amazing food challenge!
Pani puri is one of the most popular street foods in South Asia. It consists of a rice dough patty that puffs up into a crispy, hollow ball when it’s fried; a potato filling; and a spiced water called pani.
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Check out my VIDEO: Unlimited Pani Puri Challenge!! Golgappa / Puchka / Fushka – Indian Street Food Challenge in Miami

Where have you been?

This time, I’m squaring off with my friends Furqan and Shehroze from Manaky in Karachi, Pakistan!

I usually tap out at around 35 pani puris, but I was hoping to break my personal record today. Tell me, before you watch, who do you think won our ultimate pani puri challenge in Karachi, Pakistan? How many do you think each of us ate?

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