My guides Furqan and Shehroze from Manaky and I began on a fishing boat at the jetty in the bustling port area. I couldn’t wait to visit the market, find some fish to buy, and have it cooked up with some masalas for dinner!
The fish are huge! There are some called cheetah fish that have spots on them, as well as long barracuda-like ones, kingfish, and red snapper. You can buy one and the vendors will butcher it for you. Then, you can take the fish home to cook, or to a restaurant to cook it!

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The fish was so tender and fresh, and practically fell apart in my mouth! This is my favorite way to eat while traveling! Best of all, the general manager and owner were so kind to us and treated us with so much hospitality. They didn’t even charge us!

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We bought two fish, which they cleaned and butchered for us. Then, we continued through the market, past more vendors and restaurants. The cooks were preparing fried crabs, grilled fish, prawns and more. The people were so kind; everyone was inviting me into their restaurants!
What an incredible experience exploring the biggest fish market in Karachi, Pakistan! Visiting the market is definitely something you have to do in Karachi. It’s an experience like no other!
Further on, we came across a bunch of vendors selling some king prawns, grouper, tuna, crabs, and massive red snappers. There were so many fish to see! I picked up one of the huge red snappers. It was big and heavy!
The prawn karahi with roti was succulent and super spicy. It had a kick of ginger and the peppers were really nice! Then, I jumped on the grilled prawns, which were nice and charred with a delicious smoky flavor. But the karahi was to die for!

Where have you been?
We found a restaurant called Rashid Sea Food Fish Counter, where they would marinate and grill our fish and prawns. I tried a super succulent and spicy grilled prawn while they grilled our dhotar (grunter) fish and kingfish on skewers over charcoal. The kingfish was more kebab-style. We had the prawns in prawn karahi as well as grilled prawns with some lemon and roti!

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This area of Karachi is packed and super busy. You can look around, but you can also take boat rides and catch tuk-tuks. There’s a lighthouse built by the British during the British Raj in the area. Across from the clock tower are tons of fish vendors!
I loved the burst of flavors and the oil in the prawn karahi. The vegetables and spices were unbelievable! Then, I jumped on the kingfish kebab and added some pepper sauce. It was so chunky! All of the seafood was unreal!
We also had a delicious chutney, which had a nice kick of heat but wasn’t too spicy. The masala on the dhotar made up for it, though. It was deceptive, though—the spice sneaks up on you, but it was also really juicy!

I watched as the vendors cleaned and de-scaled the fish before we continued on. The market was sensory overload. It was full of smells and activity!
As my adventures continued in Karachi, Pakistan, I headed over to the coast to experience the city’s incredible seafood market! Join me as I explore the biggest fish market in Karachi and enjoy some delicious Pakistani seafood in Karachi, Pakistan!

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