iconic places in Germany to visit. Best of all, there’s a huge mix of the best places in Bavaria to visit that are perfect for any type of traveller. Filled with palaces, medieval villages and vast castles, it’s the perfect region of Germany for a road trip.

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Not only that, it’ll give you the chance to experience driving the Romantic Road of Bavaria. This road connects several of the best places in Bavaria which are pretty lovely and historically worth seeing. Plus, being nearly 300 miles long, there are loads to see between Würzburg and Füssen.
Best Places In Bavaria To Visit

1.) Neuschwanstein Castle

Nowadays, once you arrive, you can check out the Roman City Gate (Porta Praetoria), stroll the Old Stone Bridge and pop down the river for a stroll. 
Secondly, you can hop on the bus that will take you very near to the castle itself. In my opinion, this is the best option and it’s all really easy.
We love this spot and I think this is the anchor point for the whole drive. 

So, to help you get the most out of your trip around Bavaria, take a look at some of the gems we love most in this area of Germany. 
Neuschwanstein Castle - The Most Beautiful Fairytale Castle In Germany You Definitely Have To Visit! (16)
Being Bavaria’s second-largest city, Nuremberg is a very lively and busy city frequented by both local and international visitors. We loved our visit to the city and it’s so easy to see why it’s one of the best places in Bavaria to explore as you traverse the region.
Now, without getting into a deep history lesson, Regensburg became Bavaria’s first capital in AD590, and heaps of kings, dukes and bishops called it home. It became the cultural and political heart of Bavaria.
Just make sure to book these castle tickets before arriving in Munich. This way, you won’t miss out if all the places are gone. 
Konigssee is one totally gorgeous place you can reach within two hours of Munich. It might be close but it honestly feels like a million miles away from the city. 
If you’ve got time, head over to Nymphenburg Palace. This colossal palace is just outside the city centre and well worth taking a visit for a few hours. The rooms are just stunning.
Best of all, Wurzburg is also located in the heart of the wine-producing region of the country, so this is the perfect place for you to sample some of the local nectar. It has some award-winning varieties that are too good to miss. I’m speaking to you, Silvaner grape varieties.
Oh, and don’t forget, nearby, is Linderhof Palace which is the hunting lodge of the king.
Getting peckish? Pop into Dicker Mann that’s nestled in a building that’s over 700 years old! They make a totally crunchy schnitzel. 
Read more: Best places in Germany to visit
Although most parts of the city were affected by the Second World War, several structures were reconstructed, like the Altstadt, using original stones to give Nuremberg its gorgeous charm.
From Augsburg, Neuschwanstein, Friedberg and more – you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

2.) Linderhof Palace

From Augsburg, Neuschwanstein, Friedberg and more – you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

You can also visit the Venus Grotto, a man-made cavern, together with the lovely gardens and pools in the palace.

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