If you transfer to a different bus, you may need to do this step several times. However, if you’re prepared to deal with a bit of inconvenience, public transportation will be your cheapest option.
Even with a free option, it’s still beneficial to pay for a better spot. It would just be nice if it didn’t cost you an arm and a leg, and with the following airport parking alternatives, you won’t have to.
Public transportation is typically cheaper, regardless of where you live, even if you’re hours away from the closest airport. The only problem with public transportation is the stress that comes with getting to the bus stop with luggage and waiting until it shows up. 

1. Use a Parking App to Find Cheap Rates

At most airports, there are almost always coupons available for some of the off-airport or economy parking lots. This is especially true if you only need to park over a weekend. Google “discount parking coupons at “Airport.” to find a plethora of discounts from third-party sites.
When you park at an airport parking lot, you’re typically subjected to high fees and limited space and amenities. It’s common for smaller airports to have zero parkade access, which leaves your car open to the elements. However, most regional airports will provide free parking.
If you don’t want to keep your car overnight, but you don’t have anyone to pick you up or drop you off, price out rideshare, taxis, or public transportation. The farther you live away from the airport, the more expensive rideshares and taxis become, so only choose one if you’re close.

2. Bundle an Airport Hotel With Extended Parking

For example, if you want to park your car at Raleigh airport in North Carolina, you can use onestopparking.com to locate the best RDU airport parking spots for your needs. The Cambria hotel is located 1 minute from the airport and only costs – per day for a secured spot.

3. Google for Codes, Offers, or Discounts

If you take frequent trips, it may not be advisable to pick this option. But, if you’re someone who flies out every few months, you won’t have to worry about bothering your family members. 
Most hotels don’t expect you to pay for a room to take advantage of their parking spots, but if you’re going to stay in a hotel anyway, you might as well get your room at a lower price. Several airport hotels offer a free shuttle to and from the airport every 30 minutes or on the hour.

4. Get Dropped Off at the Airport

Although other apps can be used to find cheap airport rates, you’ll almost always get a better rate when you use off-site parking unless you’re taking advantage of a free parking promotion.

If one of your in-house family members is going on vacation (like your spouse), ask them instead. This option will save you the most time, money and won’t cause a lot of inconveniences.

5. Try RideShare, Taxi, or Public Transportation

One way to pay next to nothing for your airport parking fees is by asking a friend or family member to drop you off. If you’re flying with small children, you’ll save even more time because you can pre-pack the car and not have to worry about weather or break-in proofing your car.
There are two types of parking websites. One focuses on finding cheap parking spots at the airport, while others find spots close to the airport, like at a hotel, parkade, or on the street. 
Alternatively, you could call the airline and ask about their available discounts. If you’re a frequent flyer, sign up for frequent flyer miles to receive discounted monthly options. At the same time, you could sign up for an airport credit card to earn even more discounts.

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