This Christmas gift idea is very particular and can be perfect for travel lovers or miniature collectors lovers too. Here’s where to find them: US/ UK

Currently looking for a pillowcase with My beloved Italy so I can dream about my epic Italian road trip!

Want a sleek metallic wall decor for a classy look? A backlit map of the world is perfect! The light bordering the map highlights the entire frame and instantly draws anyone’s attention to the world map. And my attention to all the continents I’ve been in a fairy tale sort of setting. Beautiful and simple.


They are seriously cool and chic! Perfect for a gift or for your own house 🙂 You can find them easily in different shapes and designs on Amazon (US /UK) and of great quality too!


I so want one of these, or more than one… Here is where you can find the best quality ones: US /UK


Another classic piece that I love. Here is where you can buy it! US /UK

These scratch maps are an excellent Christmas gift as well as a super cool wall decor that also serves as a learning (or memory)opportunity.
If you want to find a unique picture frame that compliments your photos or one that fits into a particularly tight corner of your house, these framed prints are just the product for you! Many times we are unable to find a frame that does justice to our photos. But the border and quality, if chosen well, can make pictures look even better! Customized frames can be an excellent gift. 

3) Map Pillow Cases and Bed Covers

These are perfect gifts as well 🙂 Here’s where you can find them or similar ones: USA /UK

The striking gold layer on top of the map will be eye-catching, and it will slowly give way to the entire world map. This map will prove to be a lot of fun for both children and adults, and you will also use it as an excuse to start talking about the fun memories of your trips (I know I do), guilty as charged! 😀

4) Magnetically Levitating Globe

Just get creative and be inspired. I love this kind of poster, it truly helps me stay motivated when I can’t travel or if I’m facing a hard time. And arent’ we all? Perfect gift for Christmas for travel lovers, or if someone is struggling / in need of an extra boost of motivation!
At CanvasPop, you can choose from various options in sizes, mats, and frames. The frames are of the finest quality and will add a touch of elegance to any wall. Get the perfect print for you and your loved ones, Christmas is coming after all!

5) Scratch World Map

Or it can just be used as a relaxing tool to observe while dreaming about your next adventures around the world 🙂
Read in: Italian German

Here I am proud of my diary and scratch map behind me! You can find it on Amazon US/UK. Seriously one of the best presents/ Christmas gifts ever!

6) Compass Wall Clock

You can put an image in the frame of the state where you took it. In this way, you can beautifully document your travels all over the country for all your guests to see and for you to remember. Add a picture whenever you travel to a state for the first time or the one that best represents that trip, yep I’m sentimental!
It’s again that time of the year, some of us dread this moment, for some others it’s a pleasurable activity: You know already what I’m talking about: It’s time to choose the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones! But hey, It doesn’t have to be stressful or always expensive. If you go with what people love the most, their passions, you’re almost sure that your present will be a meaningful one to them.

7) Framed foreign coins

Plus is such a great tool to have for any travel lover. There is something magic in a vintage polaroid photo, it reminds me of the Iconic one in the adventurous movie Thelma & Louise, which brings me back to how much I want to visit the Grand Canyon.
You can customize the tile to compliment the surface it is put on and make sure it is stable. Be prepared to have guests toying with this marvel! 

8) Authentic Models Miniature Hot Air Balloon

This is such a great idea for a present! There are also versions for Europe of course 🙂 Here is where you can find them! US/ UK

It’s also perfect as a memory lane for all the trips you took. Sometimes my coins and money are stuck in some drawer, it would be great to see them every day, like looking at travel pictures, they will surely bring back all your memories.

9) World Map Backlit Wall Décor

This is hands down one of the coolest ideas for a Christmas gift or if you are looking for an amazing piece of home decor! You can find it on Etsy UK and Etsy US. Stunning!!

best-christams-gifts-ideas for-travelers-floating-magnetic-globe

How cool is this?? I found it on Amazon US and Amazon UK (and I’m totally gonna buy it) <3

Such a cool way to remember all the places you’ve visited! I always save some coins and money from each state, framing it is a great idea!

Bring attention to your living room or bedroom by adding a panel featuring these awesome inspirational images. You can even adorn any walls of your house with separate panels!

Here we talk about travel lovers like me! What do we like? Apart from an open ticket, but of course we don’t ask for that much 😀
Here is where you can find these amazing panels! In the US /UK

11) Classic Vintage Polaroid

Want to preserve cherished memories of movie nights and café dates? This ticket stub box will be a perfect addition to your house and also one of the best Christmas presents for travel lovers like me. I collect boarding passes and passports (and I know I’m not the only one out there).

12) Hampton Nautical Ship in a Bottle

Contents – Open To Read

13) Ticket Stubs Box- Travel Themed

All these classic, you can’t go wrong with your Christmas presents! Here is another one. What’s best than a vintage suitcase. Even if you are not traveling currently, it’s always such a great reminder to have around the house! Here’s where to buy it in the US /UK

It can also be a reminder of that ride you took (I had an amazing one in Capadoccia, Turkey), or a ride you want to take at some point, and trust me, you should!

14) Vintage Suitcase Staircase

They can feature pictures, tickets, maps, or any sight from around the world! They can be glossy or have a matte finish and they come in different materials. I love them, plus they are also functional. Added bonus for a gift!

15) USA map with photos

Check some of the coolest ideas for Christmas presents you can gift your more adventurous friends, they won’t be disappointed! ell, I wouldn’t be, so maybe I’m biased, you’ll be the judge of t!)
It also reminds me how much I want to take another epic road trip again, like the one we had in Slovenia with a vintage Campervan! Now there a vintage Polaroid camera would have fitted perfectly!

Have you ever bought any of these fabulous presents? Do you have any cool suggestions to add to this list? Comment below! And Happy hunting for the perfect Christmas gift (don’t stress too much!) 🙂


So cool and chic as well! I found this online on Amazon here for the US and UK

A clock that looks like a compass will add a sense of nostalgia for childhood games and books. Who hasn’t imagined the great adventurers crossing oceans with only a compass to guide them? In this fast-paced world where every minute is accounted for, we are driven by our clocks. So a compass-themed wall clock is only fitting.

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