In addition, The Towers offers its guests an exclusive oceanfront VIP lounge that is reachable by the sky bridge, a restaurant offering Baja cuisine with gorgeous beach views, and an impressive fitness center where you can get your cardio on with some impeccable beach and ocean views taking place right in front of you.
One of my favorite parts about golfing here was the four “comfort stations” throughout the course, where you can make pitstops to enjoy drinks and food made by the resort’s chefs. I literally had one of the best margaritas of my life at one of the stations!


The Quivira Los Cabos Community

Mixing elegance and modern styles in its architecture, it oozes romance, luxury and relaxation—whichever your vacation is centered around, you are guaranteed to have a truly memorable holiday. Plus, it is designated exclusively as an adults-only resort, so you won’t have to worry about kids running around wildly or doing cannonballs in the pool.


Pueblo Bonito Pacifica: Luxury All Inclusive Resort

[embedded content]
The Quivira Golf Club and Course located in the Quivira Los Cabos community was designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus and is of a world class level as one of the TOP 100 golf courses in the world. With it’s absolutely gorgeous beach and ocean backdrops it’s really no surprise. The 5th hole on the course is considered to be the course’s signature hole, dubbed by many golfers as one of the coolest holes in general to play (though hole 6 is a doozy too!). It’s located 200 feet higher than the 4th hole, with some truly incredible views to admire as you play. There are also two lighthouses on the property, perhaps making this course one of the most picturesque ones you’ll ever golf.
If you want to add some additional luxury, romance and/or relaxation into your life, and have got your heart settled on Mexico, you’ll struggle to find a better spot to stay than one of these Pueblo Bonito resorts. From impeccable golf courses to award winning spas, you’re offering yourself quite the trip of a lifetime. The Towers at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica will especially dazzle you so that you may never want to go back home!

The Towers at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica

Pueblo Bonito Rose

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Offering a luxurious stay at the door step of the downtown hub, at Pueblo Bonito Rose you can enjoy three stellar restaurants (plus access to Los Cabos’ resorts restaurants), a full service spa, a whole bunch of recreational activities, outdoor swimming pool, and an all-inclusive stay in one of their suites. Given its overload of pink color throughout the resort and proximity to the towns nightlife, it’s pretty popular for bachelorette parties and girls’ trips.


Hook & Cook Experience

At The Market, on the other hand, you can find a fancy food court, with dining options available from several different cuisines, such as American, Asian, Italian, French and Mexican—there’s even a cute 50’s style diner. It’s a great place to hang out with your laptop or when everyone in the group can’t decide on one style of cuisine, plus their chocolate case will make you drool!
Contact Information


Prior to arrival my butler contacted me about preferences for my stay with included the choice of firm or soft feather pillows. “I’ll take 2 firm feather pillows and one soft one, please! Oh, and if you can stock my fridge with Diet Coke, that’d be great too.” Done and done.
There are also two resorts right in downtown Cabo San Lucas that run under the Pueblo Bonito umbrella. It is possible to bring your kids to these downtown resorts, with an option for them to join the kids’ club during the day, making these great alternatives for couples who may want to travel together with their children.

  • Mezcal/Tequila Tasting: With the aid of an expert mixologist, you’ll get to taste various top quality mezcals and tequilas, as well as enjoy some handmade cocktails. Both mezcal and tequila are native to Mexico, making this activity another bucket list must.
  • Cooking Classes: Although the Hook & Cook Experience is one of the resort’s prides, more traditional cooking classes are also offered. Using fresh ingredients straight from a local farmer’s market, you’ll learn to make some delicious treats from the Mexican cuisine, such as ceviche and tacos.
  • Sea Turtles Program: If you happen to visit Los Cabos during the fall season, you’ll be in for quite the special treat! This is when the local Sea Turtles Conservation will be releasing turtle hatchlings into the ocean, and you just may get the chance to aid them in what is a magnificent, meaningful and most of all joyful hands on activity for the protection of sea turtles.
  • Sunset Teepee Experience: Starting right at sunset, while seated in a bamboo teepee set on the beach, you will get to enjoy a romantic four course meal, complete with cocktails, made right by the resort chef. The evening is made even finer by a personal musician and a photographer on the spot.

Armonia Spa at Sunset Beach

Other Unique Experiences

Pools & Beachfront

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach is every bit as glamorous as its sister hotel Pueblo Bonito Pacifica. An all-inclusive luxury resort also in the Quivira Los Cabos community, it also features an award-winning spa, as well as several swimming pools, private beach access and more. Additionally, Sunset Beach is an amazing location to hold your wedding in; not only does the resort offer several different spots to hold your ceremony and party in – from the beach to a sky terrace – it even includes a chapel authorized by the Catholic church.
Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resort:
Pueblo Bonito Pacifica:
Quivira Los Cabos:
Quivira Golf Club:


Restaurants & Bars

The Towers at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica is a luxurious resort within a luxurious resort, where each of its guest rooms and suites include an embellished selection of room amenities, as well as an around-the-clock butler service.


Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach

Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos
Truth be told, I fished my little heart out, but didn’t even get a nibble. Luckily, the lovely staff had backup fish and made us a yummy grilled cabrilla and ceviche. Sometimes you don’t get to officially check something off your bucket list, BUT that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a success! I still got to walk a beautiful beach of Cabo when practically no one else was on it, I learned how to cast a line and work the reel, plus ate the BEST breakfast waterfront with my toes in the sand.


Quivira Golf Club & Course

And at the beach it’s possible to also enjoy and relax beyond the hot sands and warm waves. You can hook yourself up with a private beach bed or even arrange a romantic night with a private candle lit dinner right on the beach. As you get to choose the menu and even have the option to add floral arrangements and live music to your night, it will be one of the most romantic experiences you’ll ever share with your partner.
There are several restaurants to dine in throughout your stay, but a few of them definitely stand out as highlights. For example, at La Frida restaurant you can taste highly acclaimed and unique takes on Mexican kitchen. Its outdoor area has incredible ocean views to treat your eyes as your taste buds are enjoying the food. If your an adventurous eater, order a plate of the chapulines—fried grasshoppers! And don’t miss out on partaking in a flaming coffee after dinner, it’s as much a delicious treat as a visual one.

Located right by the beach, Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos is one more excellent Pueblo Bonito resort to stay in. Only mere steps away from the beach, it offers its guests relaxing time in the form of suite accommodation, a swimming pool, beauty services (with the option to visit Pueblo Bonito Rose next door for a full spa experience), steam room and fitness facilities, recreational activities, and an all-inclusive access to their bars, two restaurants and the pool & beach service with the perfect lunch menu. You’ll also be able to dine over at Rose’s side if you wish. 



Pueblo Bonito Resorts Downtown Cabo San Lucas 

The Constellation Pool at Pacifica is great for relaxing and cooling down during the day, but it becomes even more magnificent after dark. That is when the LED lights at the bottom of the pool light up, every night, to show the exact matching alignment of stars that were in the sky the night the resort first opened its doors. Not only is it a gorgeous and unique sight, but you’ll have a bit of fun trying to find and identify the constellations shown.
Besides the cool Hook & Cook Experience, there’s a lot more unique activities you could enjoy doing while staying at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica. Here are some of the highlights of what’s available:
Cabo San Lucas – or Cabo for short – has long been known as one of Mexico’s best vacation spots to hit, and it’s not without a good reason. Its brilliant blue beaches and wild marine life are especially worth the visit, though there’s plenty more on offer.


The Quivira Los Cabos community includes the luxurious resorts of Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort, The Towers of Pacifica, Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, Montecristo Estates Luxury Villas and the soon to come St. Regis, as well as the residential communities of Copala and Coronado. It’s a secure and gated community, allowing access exclusively to those residing or temporarily staying in their resorts, making you feel a little bit like a star right upon entering.
At Pueblo Bonito Pacifica you’ll additionally have the opportunity to enjoy world class spa services at one of Mexico’s best spas. You can pamper yourself with body treatments (I had a great facial!) and massages, enjoy a makeover at the beauty salon, get your sweat on at the fitness center, and reach full relaxation through some of their luxurious spa packages. Also available are mud baths, a sauna, hot and cold plunge pools, and of course a spa tub.


Is reeling in a fresh fish and then making a meal out of it on your bucket list? It’s on mine, and the Hook & Cook experience gave me the opportunity to check it off. The on-site activity will have you waking up in the wee hours of the morning to head to the beachfront. There you will get some quick rod and casting instructions, and then away you go. With any luck you’ll hook yourself a big one and then, through the instruction of one of their top chefs, you’ll learn how to expertly cook it up.

A beautiful resort right in front of the ocean and mere minutes from Cabo San Lucas’ downtown area, the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica has been dubbed as one of the world’s most romantic resorts on numerous occasions. So, if a romantic holiday with your significant other is what you’re after, this is where you must go. But, don’t discount it for the perfect girls’ getaway either! Can’t you just see you and your gal gang drinking margaritas on the beach? I surely can.
One last fun fact is that, prior to becoming a golf course for the resort, it was a shooting location for the blockbuster movie Troy.

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More About Mexico

At Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, you have nearly 10 different restaurants and bars to choose from, enabling you to visit a different place each night if you so wish. At the Península, you can enjoy Baja style cuisine with some impeccable views to complete the meal (don’t miss out on their thousand leaf chocolate cake!); at the Lounge & Beach Bar you can indulge in a tapas lunch or an evening with live music and cocktails; at Siempre Mediterranean cuisine meets Mexican; Pescados is perfect for those craving sushi; and Aire Restaurant makes for an excellent lunch spot while the Aquabar offers a swim-up pool bar. In addition, there are two more bars as well as a deli for your enjoyment.
Thanks to its status as a prime place to go on for a holiday, some exquisite luxurious resorts have popped up right along its shoreline and in the city center, with the collection of Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resorts being some of the finest of them. Each resort has more than plenty to entertain you, from recreational activities to mouthwatering restaurants to pampering yourself at top quality spas. They all offer something unique, and this is especially true of The Towers at Pueblo Bonito Pacific in their Quivira Los Cabos community.

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